Posted by: Ingrid | November 2, 2012

October Reading

I need to stop choosing books by their covers.  That whole “never judge a book” advice turns out to be pretty decent.  You may be enticed by that interesting and new book cover at the library, or the blurb in the magazine that recommends a particular book and then you end up with a depressing reading month like October.

Out of eight books I read (very low reading month since I was running more) one was about the Armenian genocide of 1915, one was about the Cambodian genocide in the 1970’s, and one took place at Auschwitz.  Throw in a book that ends with an 11 year old hearing the voice of “god” telling her to hang herself, a YA book that takes place at a TB sanitarium, and a book that chronicles the grief of a family a year after their infant has died and you have yourself a good time.

For the love of all things happy, people!  This has been a severely depressing reading month.  Also, a month that just feels shattering in terms of knowing what atrocities human beings are capable of inflicting on others.  I don’t think the Romanian genocide was even on my radar, which I feel horrible even admitting.  But reading about events like that just crushes me.  Pointless killing of the innocent…why?

The Land of Decoration – Grace Mcleen: A young girl creates a land in her room from bits and pieces of things.  She discovers that changes that she makes in her Land of Decoration affect the outside world as well and she has to confront how to use this “power” as she is bullied at school and tries to protect her widowed father.

The Sandcastle Girls – Chris Bohjalian: A female author looks back and researches the Armenian genocide of 1915 and the impact that it had on her grandparents’ lives.  Gripping.

Unnamed book – But logged as read nonetheless.

Breathing Room – Martha Hayles: A fast YA read that takes place in the 1940’s.  It follows a young girl who is taken to a tuberculosis sanitarium to recover.  It had some really interesting posters, pictures, and advertisements from the time period in the book as well.

In the Shadow of the Banyan – Vaddey Ratner: A fictionalized account of the author’s real experience in Cambodia during the KhmerRouge regime.  Beautifully written and heartbreaking.

Block 11 – Piero de gli Antoni: Set in Auschwitz at the end of the war, ten prisoners are given the night to decide which one of them will be executed the next morning.

Wife 22 – Melanie Gideon: My breath of fresh air, though for most of the book I thought things were going to end very badly and depressingly with a marriage fallen apart.  Definitely a fun read with an interesting exploration of the internet and social media.

The Grief of Others – Leah Hager Cohen: This book follows two parents in a disjointed marriage a year after their infant son dies just after birth.  The parents and their two children struggle to grieve and communicate about their grief in particular and life in general.

I have only read 108 books this year, fully 42 less than my goal of 150 for the year.  Time to get reading or lower the bar!



  1. Never heard of a Romanian genocide in 1915,though there was an Armenian genocide!Care to give more details or fix the error please?

  2. Thank you for catching my error! I was thinking one thing and typed another, one of the hazards of blogging while keeping a baby from getting into things. 🙂

  3. eeek, those are some serious books – just needing a bit of a happy book balance!! But they also look very interesting…time for me to see if I can download a few to Kindle for my flight, thanks 🙂

  4. Hope you find something good for the flight! I would choose The Sandcastle Girls and Wife 22 if I were to recommend only two. 🙂

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