Posted by: Ingrid | November 12, 2012

Meal Planning Accountability

So this is just lame.  Who needs accountability to plan good food for their family?!?  I follow the blog of a woman who is doing 30 days of exercise accountability and I almost joined in but then realized that I don’t really need that sort of accountability.  I probably need “day off” accountability – a plan where I actually take off one day a week.

I used to make meal plans.  They were lovely.  I would plan out the week or two weeks and get them on the calendar.  Then our schedule would change.  Or I wouldn’t have the ingredients.  Or I just wouldn’t want to make what was on the schedule.  It was kind of a mess.

Now I make meal lists – things that I would like to make sometime in a given month.  For some reason, scheduled and detail oriented as I can be, I really dislike being fenced in to certain meal planning parameters.  Even if I am the one doing the fencing.  Go figure.

I am really trying to get us back to better, more natural eating, which generally means I need to prep ahead of time, buy good things, have lots of recipes that I want to try, and then actually get in the kitchen and cook them before the afternoon gets away from me.  So I am trying to hold myself accountable for cooking decently good for us dinners in November.  Feel free to join in!  I am always curious what works for other people and what they are cooking for dinner. 🙂  So far so good, mostly!

November 1:  Pumpkin Chili (used organic pumpkin that I roasted along with onions and peppers from the Farmer’s market).  Unfortunately, husband ended up not being home so dinner mostly consisted of homemade chocolate chip bars and rice krispy treats that I’d made for his class to grab when they stopped by.

November 2:  Pumpkin Chili part 2 with whole wheat tortillas and cheese or homemade bread.  Husband deems chili “amazing” yet he has decided he does not like pumpkin pie?  I do not understand men!

November 3:  Out for a spontaneous pre-anniversary date.  Dinner consists of a shared order of fries and a milk shake from Steak N’ Shake.

November 4:  Baked chicken thighs, acorn squash from the Farmer’s Market, and Betty Crocker mashed potatoes because I ran out of time to make real ones.  Minus one point for me!  Husband declares that he does not like acorn squash, Isaac refuses to touch it, and Jonathan spits it out.  Guess what I eat for lunch the next day?

November 5:  Homemade pizza with homemade sauce from our summer tomatoes.  Pepperoni and organic peppers on the pizza, mix of white flour and whole wheat crust, and spinach salad.

November 6:  Pumpkin Sausage Penne, used more roasted pumpkin and some organic onions and whole wheat pasta.  Steamed broccoli from the Farmer’s Market.  Can you really go wrong with a recipe that calls for sausage and cream?

November 7:  Veggie and Brown Rice Soup with homemade pretzels.  Used up leftover rice, organic carrots and onions that were starting to go bad.  The pretzels, mostly white flour and sugar, have nothing going for them except for the fact that they are made from scratch and taste AMAZING.

November 8:  Out for dinner with a friend!  Everyone else eats leftovers. 🙂

November 9:  Pan fried teriyaki pork with broccoli supplemented by yesterday’s PF Chang’s leftovers.  Isaac confuses the two “white meats” and tells me that the chicken is really good.

November 10:  Split Pea Soup with ham, grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread.  Sprinkle a little garlic salt on the buttered bread next time you make grilled cheese.  Fantastic!

November 11:  Whole wheat pancakes with maple syrup.  Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner and pancakes that can be reheated for breakfast?

Almost half way there!




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