Posted by: Ingrid | December 2, 2012


Yesterday was a good birthday.  There was no cake and no birthday song, but it was lots of fun regardless.  And yes, I am going to blog all about my birthday because, despite being thirty-three, I still love celebrating!

The day began with a good run, as all birthdays should.  It was a warm 37 degrees, which meant I could wear shorts!  Also, there was fog, and as a native San Franciscan, I will always have a soft spot for foggy mornings, clam chowder, and sourdough bread.


The night before I had solicited advice on Facebook as to how I should configure my run in order to make it numerically significant.  I was so disappointed that 33 kilometers was not feasible (I would never hope for 33 miles!).  Maybe next year…  I received some excellent suggestions and the final run was comprised of 3 runs in 3 separate directions, each 3.33 miles in length.  During the middle section I went to the track where I ran 3 800 meter repeats in 3:30 each.  This was harder than it sounds as I had done a crossfit workout the day before that managed to render both my arms and my quads ridiculously sore.  At the end of my run I did 33 jumping jacks in the parking lot (35 actually, because I was on auto pilot by then and lost count) followed by spinning around 33 times, arms out to the side.

That last bit was suggested by a dear friend who thought that spinning in circles would prove that I still had “whimsy”.  What it actually served to reinforce, after I almost fell over half way through and nearly threw up at the end, was that I do not miss morning sickness at all.  No more spinning for me!

Most of the day was spent hitting local spots that do birthday “freebies”.  I use this term loosely, because when one has a family and once the tip is accounted for there really is no such thing as a fee lunch.  Or dinner.  Or breakfast.  Or ice cream.


Isaac was my Denny’s breakfast date.  In our quick trip there he managed to: eat all the bacon, eat a pack of jelly straight up, spill his water, try to drink the cream out of the little pitcher so that it spilled on the table, and pick up several pieces of used gum in the parking lot… there is a reason I prefer to go on dates with my husband!


I was quite excited about the new pair of running shoes and warm socks that I may or may not have purchased myself off Amazon.  Also very excited about Camouflage North Pole, which is a puzzle type game that says it is for ages 6+.  It only has a few pieces but it is super addicting!  I figured it could be for my entertainment until the day comes if/when the boys develop any sort of attention span.  Which is to say, possibly never.


This was followed by a quick trip to purchase a tree.  We found one in 5 minutes, Isaac got to make friends with the inflatables, and we managed to tie the tree onto the car without tying all the doors shut.



Off for a “free” lunch with the family, during which the boys only ate waffle fries.


For dinner we got my “free” birthday steak and then headed over to Maggie Moos for my free ice cream cone.  We did a lot of eating yesterday.  It is improbable, however, that I gained thirty-three pounds overnight, fortunately!



I had hoped that we would get the tree decorated, but we discovered a minor error on our part.  The thought that we should have measured both the ceiling and the tree did not cross our minds, so we have a very lovely tree that was taller the ceiling in the room we’d meant to put it in.  Nothing that a little ingenuity and furniture moving couldn’t solve, but it took a while.  I really should laminate a sign that reads: It will always take longer than you think.

Our behemoth of a tree finally found a home, sans decorations, for the night.  Definitely a good birthday all around!


Running Song of the Day: Owl City Dreams and Disasters



  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! So, my daughter is not the only one who refuses to eat anything other than carbs?!? She seriously lives on goldfish, cereal, toast, and fries, lol?!?

    • It always makes me feel better to hear that from other moms. 🙂 Jonathan is completely uninterested in cheese, yogurt, veggies, fruit purees… He will tolerate banana with a generous coating of peanut butter, but for the most part he is carb loading every day!

  2. Yes, I am thankful that I can get her to eat some peanut butter, apples, broccoli, and avocados! But, she loves carbs!! No, you can’t just eat goldfish for breakfast!!

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