Posted by: Ingrid | December 10, 2012

{November: You Pick Two}

Nothing terribly adventurous to report for November, I’m afraid.

I spent the month of November making friends with squash.  In part, this came out of trying to eat locally.  After all, if you want to eat seasonally in Michigan, squash is one of the few autumn veggies available.  And it’s so good for you!  Of course, Isaac will not touch it.  I made acorn squash with butter and sugar on it a while back and husband said something like: “I just don’t think this works for me.”  Or something in adult-speak that is akin to Isaac saying, “I don’t wike that!”  So at that point, I started simply roasting the squash and eating it myself.  Since I actually like it and all.  Or I like the fact that it’s good for me.  Or something like that.

Partly the squash eating was brought on by my dabbling in Crossfit with my trainer, which led me to Google Crossfit, which led me to Google the Paleo Diet, which basically says to eat meat, veggies, fruits, and certain types of nuts and fats (ie. cut out all dairy, processed foods, sugars, grains, potatoes, corn, beans, etc.  Sounds nice in theory, but I find that when I even make the attempt my inner paleo gets trounced by whatever part of me suddenly demands an entire bag of candy corn.  So I guess I will just eat my squash and candy corn in moderation and ignore the fact that my hunter/gatherer ancestors are rolling over in their graves at the state of my diet.

I hadn’t made yogurt for a while, since I was really the only one eating it.  Then I tried making it twice, only to have it fail.  My best guess is that the starter was too old, but that is a LOT of wasted effort, particularly when I am already tired in the evening!  I finally mustered up the energy to try it again, this time with new starter and whole milk and I was very pleased with the results.  The consistency was so nice that I didn’t even have to turn it into Greek yogurt.  That saved me a step plus gave me 3 quarts of yogurt to the 1 quart that making it the Greek way tends to yield.  I think I am a fan of using whole milk now!  We have actually been using it for everything.  Granted, we are not a milk drinking family (it usually just gets used on cereal and in recipes), but whole milk tastes SO much better than nonfat.

Just watch, soon we will be drinking raw milk or milking our own goat, or something crazy like that! 🙂

I also baked a turkey over Thanksgiving so that I could have some leftover meat and make turkey stock and soup.  Let it be noted for next year: an 11 pound turkey just doesn’t yield very much of anything.  It is really just an over sized chicken!

Before the end of the year I am hoping to try a new bread recipe, make grape freezer jelly, and see if the family will be enticed by homemade vanilla yogurt.  Or maybe I will just sit and eat candy corn and squash… the verdict is still out on that one!


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