Posted by: Ingrid | January 3, 2013

2012: Running Review

I remember beginning 2012 with trepidation that my leg injury was not going to go away.  I am so thankful for a year of pain free and injury free running!  Hopefully that is a streak I can continue in 2013.

Total mileage for 2012: 1,451 miles

Hours run: 196

Highest month: October, with 187 miles

Lowest month: January, with 78 miles (at the end of which it was determined that I did not have a stress fracture and my groin injury seemed better)

Highest weekly mileage: 50 miles

Longest run: 14 miles


Christie Clinic Half marathon, late April: 1:35.24 – PR

Free2Run 5K, late July: 20:20 – PR

Aware 10K, October: 42 – PR

SAU Alumni 5K, October: 20:20

To have come off of an injury and a mostly non-running pregnancy I am pleased that I PR-ed in 3 races.  At the same time, the feeling after each was that I felt I could have done substantially better.  Maybe I was wrong about that feeling, but maybe 2013 will be the year things really come together.  That would be fun.

So far there is not much on the race docket.  I have (tentatively):

Glass City Marathon, April 28th – After 7 years, I may actually do my second marathon!  I still have not signed up though, because I am so afraid of injury and not training well and then being out lots of money.  So I will wait until the end of March when there is another price hike.

Color Run, Ann Arbor, mid-May – Seriously, can you watch this and not laugh?  I will be doing it with a group and it is not timed.  Sounded like a good run to do post-marathon.

Milwaukee Marathon – This is even more tentative than Toledo but there is the possibility that I could meet up with some other female runners whose blogs I follow.  It sounds like we would all, except for one, be chasing a 3:15-3:20 marathon and it would be so much fun to meet other runners whose lives I follow from a distance. Piccola-Pine-Cone, any plans on an easy marathon in Milwaukee in the fall? 🙂

I guess now all I have to do (all?!?) is fill in the race calendar with some smaller races, gear up to start training officially this Monday, and have fun!



  1. I agree, PPC should join in on the Milwaukee Marathon fun 🙂 Good luck with the training and racing this year.

    • You too! I look forward to reading about your running adventures. 🙂

  2. Um, awkward but I have a bunch of fresh market (a store in the southern states) christmas blend coffee. It’s not organic fair trade and all that. It’s a flavored coffee but it does say it’s from 100% arabica beans.. anyway. I will send you some if it isn’t weird to give someone you don’t know your address.

    • I would love some, Kathleen! That is so kind of you to think of me and I would love to try it! We may be having a January heat wave in Michigan but it is still prime coffee drinking weather. 🙂

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