Posted by: Ingrid | January 5, 2013

{December: You Pick Two}

I know that everyone is going to be terribly disappointed that I didn’t make grape freezer jelly (just never got around to it and have zero freezer space at the moment) and also didn’t make vanilla yogurt.  That is something that I will try soon, but when it is 25 degrees out, yogurt is just not my go to snack.  Whereas peanut butter out of the jar knows no season.  Unfortunately.

It’s December, so of course there was cooking from scratch, but it took the form of this.


So good!  I am a great person to know if you have a high metabolism, are currently breastfeeding, or just enjoy sweets.

I grew up with a biscotti-making sister, but had never made any of my own.  I found a very basic recipe that I made a few times that we really enjoyed.  They were pretty easy too!  I would keep them around except that I would eat them all.


I also made a different eggnog recipe because it was the Betty Crocker gold standard recipe.  Less sugar and fewer eggs, but not as good (or “just different” says husband, diplomatically).

I tried a new bread recipe too, which turned out really well.  However, since it is not basic bare bones like my normal recipe (ie. calls for honey and butter) I could eat a loaf in two days.


Two loaves of bread usually lasts 2 weeks for us and that recipe lasted about 6 days.  So I will make it on occasion, but not all the time.  From that recipe, however, I learned that rolling out the bread dough with a rolling pin helps the bread’s consistency, and I found that to be true when I made my normal recipe.


On a frugal note, I made my own maple syrup, but I will go back to buying the expensive stuff that comes out of trees and has a deep rich maple-y flavor.  This stuff, while cheap, is just liquid sugar.  Nothing particularly interesting about the flavor.


Almost a year ago I picked up some quinoa at the Amish store but had not actually cooked it.  I did feel very cool, however, knowing I had quinoa in the cupboard and knew how to pronounce it.  I finally got around to making it with a bacon, spinach, and apple pork chop recipe that I’ve wanted to make for a while and it was SO good.  All of it.  I will be making it again!


So that was December.  A little bit of learning and a whole lot of chocolate!



  1. you have been a huge topic of conversation around our home as i have started tracking how much we spend on groceries. shocking. totally shocking our bills. hubby keeps asking how you do it and my understanding is that you don’t buy convenience foods, you make it yourself. this post illustrates that nicely! btw thanks for the marathon invite but i think i am done marathoning for a few years (maybe one when i turn 40 to try out that age category)

  2. Me again… I looked up the Milwaukee Marathon. It is a) on Canadian Thanksgiving week-end (probably anyway) b) near my birthday c) geographically close(ish) to our in-laws. Started talking to my hubby about it… I think I might be in. Maybe just for the half? Though no doubt I’d get swept up and start training for the full… maybe I could try a minimalist approach to marathon training. Anyway all that to say YES! Well probably Yes! Who else is in?

    • YES!!! That would be so fun. It looks like Stefanie (used to have a blog – friend of Tracy’s), Tracy, and Jen over at and I are hoping to be there. You will do minimalist training and kick all of our butts!

  3. I totally pronounced quinoa “quinn – noah”, until Danielle straightend me out. 😉 I’m commenting to tell you 1. I’m off the FB grid again and 2. I finally figured out my blog. I love you.

    • I’m glad we got to talk today. I love you and have already subscribed to your blog. And since I am your sister I reserve the right to tell you what to do whenever I want, whether you like it or not! 😉

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