Posted by: Ingrid | January 13, 2013

Marathon Training: Week 1

This is mostly for my sake, since I am not assuming that anyone out there really cares what I am doing for marathon training  I would, however, like to be able to compare and evaluate (provided I am actually able to make it all the way through training to the marathon) for the next round of training.  Also, I was in the habit of jotting running stuff down on our calendar – it would feel good to look over from where I was doing the dishes and see my tempo runs and miles listed there.  But if you do that you A) need to find a place to store your calendars for years on end and B) need to be sure that your husband does not dispose of the calendar at the end of the year!  So here is my permanent record for personal edification that husband cannot touch unless he begins randomly deleting things on my blog.

In terms of training, it has been hard to know exactly what to do.  The Run Less, Run Faster program, which I did for 10 weeks while pregnant, was good but not enough mileage and running days.  The higher mileage plans in my Run Faster book, while intriguing, seemed a little too intense and high mileage for now.  That might be good for running the next marathon, but a bit too daunting for this one.  So I am splicing together most of the plan that my trainer last semester put together with the more intense pace specific long runs from the Run Less book, wondering all the while: “Will this be enough?”

Miles run: 35


M: 6 miles, mostly treadmill, 5×2 minute intervals at 6:58 with 2 minutes in between

T: Easy 5 miles, weights, abs

W: 8 miles

R: 35 minutes elliptical, weights, 20 minutes biking, abs

F: Easy 3 miles – no Garmin

S: Long run, 13 miles: 1:42.20, abs

S:  70 minutes on the bike

Long Run: The plan had me running 13 at a 7:56 pace.  I did a nice mix of trail and hills over country roads and averaged out at 7:52.  The first mile (8:11) and eleventh (8:05) were my slowest.  It was so nice to have a warm day, even though it was more blustery than I anticipated in some directions!  I used my fuel belt for the first time and took a Gu at mile 6 and drank 1 water bottle.  I am trying to figure out the hydration and nutrition part early on!  Best part about the finish was that I couldn’t cross the street because of traffic and ended the 13th mile running the reverse of the McDonald’s drive-thru line at lunchtime.

Triumphs: Hitting mile 10 of my long run on a day that was 55 degrees in January and feeling relaxed and completely removed from the rest of the crazy happenings in life.

Fears: Will I get injured?  How can I train for a marathon when I am only running 13 miles for my long runs right now?  How can I even presume to hope for the time I’m aiming for?  How will I get in my running with husband’s schedule?  Can I really do this?  How do all the other runners I read about run so much/so fast etc? What if I lose momentum during week two?  Blah, blah, blah.

Injuries: None to speak of, but I am noticing a lot of soreness on the back of my right hamstring.  I am stretching and even used up an Amazon gift card to get a foam roller that I will have to figure out how to use.

Good times for week one!  At least I have started, right?  And isn’t that supposed to be half the battle?  Judging from the fact that I have a lot more running to do between now and April 28, I am guessing not! 🙂



  1. Ok, so my question is, when do you run? That is my biggest struggle with training right now, trying to find the time to get my mileage in with two small children and a husband who works long hours:( Any tips would be appreciated!

    • Well, I try to get out early M,T,Th – otherwise I wouldn’t get in the run or workout. Friday is sort of his day off (though I still get out early plus it’s a short run), Saturday and Sunday are more flexible days, he works, but lets me get in my long run in and my biking Sunday. Wednesday I have someone coming for 2 hours (staring this week) so that I can get in my mid-week 8-12 miler in the daylight and/or study micro. This is the first semester that my husband hasn’t had a more flexible schedule and I hate it! 😛

  2. good for you! I know there is a way to find time for things that are important you, I just need to get better about organizing my time! Keep us posted on your training. For some reason, I love reading about other’s training/mileage, etc.

  3. I like reading about other people’s training, too. Good for you for getting out early in the morning!

    Do you read The Great Fitness Experiment? She blogged yesterday about how eating more fat made her healthier – thought of your recent natural eating post!

    • Just read it and thought it was great! Thanks for sharing!

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