Posted by: Ingrid | January 19, 2013

These are the Days of Our Lives Winter 2013

Laura, over at Navigating the Mothership, is doing her Winter Day in the Life roundup this week.  One of these years I will do this for all four seasons.  Then when I am feeling nostalgic at some point down the road I will go back and remember what those days were like.  Right now I would describe the days of our life as long, mundane, exhausting, and hopeful.  Coming off of doing the Day in the Life project this year made me realize that I need to take more pictures.  I have hardly taken any since Christmas!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Between midnight and 4:23 I have very weird dreams, including one in which I realize that the solution to all my church problems is to start attending the new church plant in La Mirada.  Then I wake up and find out that I am in Michigan.  Isaac wakes up yelling at 4:23 and I stumble down the hall.  Turns out he wants a little middle-of-the-night music.  One round of “Thomas and his friends” and I stumble back to bed.  Only after taking a picture, however!  At 4:30, husband gets up to lesson prep and I fall asleep.


5:45-6:10: I hit snooze every five minutes because I am so tired.  Eventually I get myself out of bed, turn up the heat, feed Jonathan, and don running clothes appropriate for 10 degree weather.  I am a little annoyed, as promised me 17 degrees last night.  I hate winter.  I finally get everything together and get out the door.

6:45-8:05: Easy five mile run followed by some weights.  I find myself particularly drawn to Ed Sheeran’s The A Team.  Not that I generally gravitate towards songs about drug use and prostitution, but because there is something that catches me in that part-of-the-human-condition feeling of being owned by something.



IMG_03948:05-8:55: I come home and get my well-earned cup of coffee which is followed by the frantic dressing of three people and the feeding of one so that we can get out the door to Mother’s Club.  Fortunately husband is home to help with the process – who knew that getting out the door at 9 could be such a difficult feat?  I get my youngest child, who wakes up very happy, and we manage to get everyone into hats, coats, shoes, mittens, etc.




9:00-11:15:  Off to Mother’s Club, the first one of 2013.  Basically that means we eat a lot and talk (and drink more coffee).  When it is cold outside I can easily go crazy on the coffee drinking.  It is good to see people again and it’s always nice to carry on conversations in which you can actually complete a sentence (the kids go to different rooms for two hours).


11:15-11:55:  We return home and get all the winter stuff off and put away.  I realize that our house is a mess and decide to let Isaac watch 30 minutes of Thomas on the laptop in order to do a short cleaning blitz.  Sometimes this…


is the only thing that makes this possible.  Television for my oldest and carbs in the high chair for my youngest.  Welcome to the before and after of my kitchen (and yes, that is the entirety of my kitchen).



And the living room’s progress picture.  I feel like I deserve a gold star for the speedy and efficient clean up, but alas, they don’t give them once you are a mom.



12:00-12:45:  The boys and I run around and sword fight.  A rather dubious activity as Isaac prefers the other person to literally have the short end of the stick and boy does he swing hard!  Jonathan likes trying to fight as well, which usually results with him in tears.



I receive a box from Amazon which gets used as a boat and a race car.  At once point Isaac lays down in at and I think: Do not even tempt me to ship you off.  I am probably the only mother who ever thinks things like that, right?  There is also a ton of brown paper in the box which we pretend is a snake and jump over for a while.


12:45-1:40:  We finally get ready for lunch.  On days when I don’t get eggs for breakfast I eat them for lunch because I love them so much (plus eggs with homemade bread and butter – it doesn’t get much better than that!).


We all eat and Jonathan begins to fall apart.  He is at that weird stage of dropping the morning nap while simultaneously teething and it is so much fun for all of us.  Most of the time he is easy going.  And then sometimes, he is not.  His favorite things to do when upset are to throw things and try to pull the tablecloth off the table.


1:40-2:05:  Husband comes home and lets me escape to the library/Jonathan’s room for a few minutes of study time.  Interesting stuff!


2:05-2:25:  I feed Jonathan and deposit the deliriously tired baby (normally he goes down a little earlier) in his crib while I take a break from Micro and Clint reads Isaac some books and gets him settled for a nap.


There’s not much better than a blissfully sleeping baby!


2:25-4:08:  Jonathan sleeps and even Isaac takes a nap (he naps maybe 3 out of 7 days now and nap time has gotten an-NOY-ing really fast).  I fold diapers, check email and Facebook and the weather and Facebook again and do all the computer type things that don’t fit into a day with small children.  I also get the chance to read my Bible and journal and read a few of Madeleine L’Engle’s poems while drinking more coffee.  Eventually I get around to doing a little couponing for the week and finishing up Geneen Roth’s book Women, Food, and God, which I thought had some good stuff in it.  And yes, I am in my bathrobe because we keep the house at around 62 degrees.


Around 3:00, as husband is leaving, he mentions that “later” we should take a picture so that people would know he actually exists.  I remind him that he will be home from teaching at 11:00 pm, so we capture a picture before he takes off.  See folks!  Husband is alive and well (but working an insane schedule).


4:08-5:25:  Isaac wakes up and I get a little cuddle time with him on the couch; something of a rarity.  I try to pull things together for the babysitter, get my class things together, pull together dinner, pump, and play with Isaac.  Jonathan sleeps until 5:00, which makes the whole process easier.  Isaac and I get a few minutes to play his animal matching game, which he loves.


One of the highlights of Isaac’s day is when he can go in and get Jonathan.  Generally this tends to be a very sweet moment and then it’s all downhill from there.


5:25-8:00:  The babysitter arrives and I leave for Microbiology.  I have a great teacher who you can tell was in his 20’s in the 1960’s and made it though with a heavy dose of drugs and hard rock.  He is one of those… dorky semi-fashionably-impaired science guys who has a corny sense of humor and is absolutely comfortable in his own skin.  Class days are a little weird for me.  I love being out in the adult world without worrying about diapers and small children.  At the same time, because the classes are lecture format and there is zero interaction during class with anyone, I can go through an evening and never talk to anyone.  I make up for it by talking to my sister all the way home on the phone.


8:00-8:26:  The boys have just gone to bed when I get home which means that it’s Bed Time Take Two.  Good times!  I tell Isaac some stories, we call Clint so that he can say goodnight to the boys and then I go feed Jonathan and eventually everyone is quiet and I want to do this.


But I don’t.  I do the dishes, spot clean the house, and decide that whipped cream with chocolate syrup on top is almost like ice cream.

8:50-10:00:  Eventually I end up online, doing totally mindless things like looking at photo albums of friends I went to high school with and half watching Bunheads while I check email and basically waste time when I should be going to bed.  I am so tired but it’s the state of tiredness when I no longer want to move.

10:00-10:20:  I finally convince myself that I need to go to bed.  I feed Jonathan again, brush my teeth, call husband who is now driving home, and fall into bed.

11:00:  I fall asleep worrying about whether I should do my longer mid-week run early in the morning or chance running in the afternoon when there is supposed to be snow and wind.  Whatever!  At least it gets me to sleep.




  1. I loved reading this, Ingrid. (And the before-and-after pictures are especially awesome.)

    • Thanks, Jessica! I always find it interesting doing projects like this that answer the question: What DID I do all day? Fun to see what every else does too when Laura does the round up.

  2. Oh how I also loathe running in the winter… it’s such a toss up between doing the treadmill thing to stay warm or running outside because I hate the treadmill so much! I can’t believe you’re taking microbiology on top of caring for two children – I found that class tough the first time around when I had no responsibilities but college!!! What degree are you going for?

    • This is my last pre-req for the nursing program. It is a lot of new stuff for me but so far has not seemed as strenuous as Anatomy and Physiology and as math intensive as Chemistry. 🙂

  3. 62 degrees! Oh my goodness, I would absolutely DIE. 🙂 I’m such a cold baby. I’d be wearing my hat, coat and wool socks in the house. Ha!

    I’m so impressed with how well you manage family time / keeping the house clean / and your studies. Your day is a good snapshot of both a stay-at-home-mom and adults-only world.

    • Thanks for reading! I feel like I am always trying to keep that adult to children ratio but it is hard! I feel like there is guilt if I wander too far off in one direction and insanity if I go the other way. 🙂

  4. Love babies sleeping… the arms up at their heads, rosy cheeks… just too cute. And I too would be freezing at 62 degrees. In fact we have ours set at 72 and I am still sitting her with my robe over my clothes.

    • Sometimes I get wild and crazy and turn the heat up to 68… We live in an old house though, and I end up feeling like we are heating the state or something so I turn it back down. It has taken 3.5 years to get to this point though, transitioning from California weather to Michigan was interesting to say the least!

  5. You are very inspiring & motivating to me with your exercise & reading & school & parenting. Anyway, you do a lot but you keep it real. Glad we e-found each other a few years ago 🙂

    -cute picture of you and your husband
    -I will occasionally stalk random photo albums on HS friends on FB and I have this fear that I will accidentally like things and look like a creeper 🙂

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