Posted by: Ingrid | January 20, 2013

Marathon Training: Week 2

One-seventh of the way through marathon training!  I had forgotten how quickly the long runs on the plan I am partially following go up.  This week was 15 miles, followed by 17 and then 20!  I really like feeling early on that I am capable of running farther, so I actually like that a lot.  This week’s long run was my longest in almost two years, so it felt like a little victory.  At the same time, it is still 11.2 miles short of a marathon!

Miles run: 40


M: 7 miles, first 2 on the indoor track and the last 5 on the treadmill, 6×2 minute intervals at 6:58 with 2 minutes in between, abs

T: Easy 5 miles, weights

W: 9 miles (lots of wind from the south west!), abs

R: 40 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes biking

F: Easy 4 miles, abs and stretching

S: Long run, 15 miles (2:02.20)

S:  70 minutes on the bike, Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown level 1 (Good stuff!)

Long Run:  This week’s run was 15 miles at (I thought) an 8:21 pace.  I ended up doing it at an 8:09, which turned out to be a good thing.  The 8:21 is for the 20 miler in two weeks and this week’s run was supposed to be at an 8:11 pace, so I was accidentally almost spot on!  Ate 1.5 graham crackers with pumpkin cream cheese beforehand, starting drinking water (took two containers with me) at mile 4, and took two shot blocks each at miles 7, 9, and 11.  There was a pretty strong wind out of the south west, so I mixed up trail running with road running so that I could break it into smaller runs.  I remembered that the long runs are such good mental preparation for the voice in your head that says it doesn’t want to run or that you can’t make it that far.  Mile 14 was in 7:59, so I was still feeling good at that point.  Some glute and hamstring soreness on my right side but not too bad.  I felt so proud of myself for making it past 14 miles (the longest run I’ve done since my injury).

Triumphs:  This will sound silly, but I found Shot Blocks on sale for 29 cents this week.  Good thing I do not have a very sensitive GI tract and can go with whatever is cheapest.

Fears:  We have had a mild winter so far, but this week it is supposed to turn nasty.  The last two Saturdays have been particularly nice (minus a stiff wind) which has helped me get out there and run.  I am a little afraid that winter is going to win out over my training and I would prefer it did not.

Injuries:  Feeling good!  I got my foam roller and have been using that.  I really like it so far.


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