Posted by: Ingrid | January 27, 2013

Marathon Training: Week 3

On to week three!  Definitely more snow this week and some cold temperatures!  I think my second run on Wednesday had me out in about zero degree weather.  I am trying not to do more than one run on the treadmill or indoor track, but until the roads are clear I prefer to do my tempo runs in a place where I am not dodging ice patches.  This week I did my 800 meter tempo intervals on the indoor track (10 laps equal 1 mile) which is always an interesting activity because I have to depend more on internal pacing since my Garmin can’t tell me how fast I’m going.  I had pretty low expectations for Saturday’s long run and almost didn’t make it out of the house but it ended up much better than anticipated (and thanks to husband for shooing me out the door AND cleaning the bathroom while I was gone!).

Miles run: 40


M: Easy 8 miles

T: Day off!

W:  AM 7 miler, (2 mile warm up on treadmill, 6×800 repeats at 6:50-7:00 pace with 0.2 mile rest intervals between, 1 mile cooldown on treadmill), abdridged weight lifting session, PM easy 5 miles

R: 40 minutes elliptical, 25 minutes biking

F: Easy 3 miles, abs

S: Long run, 17 miles (2:21.10)

S: 1 hour biking, abs

Long Run:  It snowed on Friday and I had very low expectations for my 17 mile run.  I had decided that the 8:11 I was supposed to maintain was not going to be possible due to the snow, slush, and ice.  I decided to try to stay under a 9 minute pace and also told myself that since the plan I am mostly following called for only 12 miles I could choose to cut off the run at any point after that.  This is week three, nothing about this long run was a deal breaker.  Saturday dawned after two nights of not enough/interrupted sleep and I almost didn’t go out because I just felt like there was no point. Just another mental hurdle!  I was so glad I ran.  It was sunny enough that the roads cleared off considerably by the end of the 2 hours and 21 minutes I was out there.  I stayed in town for the first bit and quasi-seriously contemplated running the retirement loop (.45 miles) 34 times just to get clear roads!  I did end up doing 6 miles there, around and around in circles, before heading out to the country.  Had a banana and peanut butter, half a cup of coffee, and oatmeal before leaving.  Took a Gu at mile 7, 2 shot blocks at mile 9, and then (since shot blocks harden in 20 degree weather, making it difficult to chew them and breathe – who knew!) 1 block at mile 11, 13, 14, and 15.  I carried all four water containers in my fuel belt because I am trying to get used to how it feels to run with the extra weight.  Good thing I had four because two of them froze up!  Two most annoying moments; getting charged by a dog (turned out it was behind an invisible fence) and not being able to remember the type of bacteria that causes tooth decay (Streptococcus mutans, just in case you are wondering).  The best moment was when a driver drove by and gave me a huge thumbs up.  After I ran the first mile under 8:30 I figured I was try to keep the pace there.  Ended up at an 8:18 average which was fine by me!

Triumphs: I am not normally a twice a day runner (though I know that is some people’s MO.)  It is a big deal for me to get out twice in one day and I am proud of myself for getting in Wednesday’s run as well as Tuesday’s easy 5 miles all on the same day.

Fears:  20 miles next week?!?  EEEEEEE!!!

Injuries: Nada.  Still using the roller on the troublesome spot but nothing beyond that.

Running Song of the Week:  Owl City – It’s Always a Good Time.  Because Michigan, Oh Michigan, running in whatever weather you choose to throw at me during the Winter always makes it a good time.


The end of a successful seventeen miler (wearing almost that many layers of clothing)!


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