Posted by: Ingrid | April 22, 2013

Best Ways to Get Pregnant

1.  Start training for a marathon, preferably one for which you have lofty goals.

2.  Be sure to announce to your husband and anyone else who is around how you are absolutely not wanting to be pregnant or have another baby at the moment.

3.  Make future plans that you would actually enjoy doing that do not involve pregnancy, nursing a baby, constant nausea, or lack of sleep.

4.  Lend out all your cute maternity clothing.

5.  Choose your birth control based on not wanting to be impacted by hormones.

This method seems to work for me. 😛




  1. Check to #s 1 – 4!

  2. #1 worked for me after a year of TTC and decided to train for a marathon and sure enough, I got to run the marathon pregnant!

    • I decided to not even chance it with the marathon. Last time I tried continuing marathon training (while pregnant with Jonathan) I ended up injured at 10 weeks and basically sidelined from running until 2-3 months after delivery because of my unknown groin injury. Hoping to avoid that this time!

  3. At least your smiling in the picture 🙂

    • Only because I saw a cute trio of pictures on Pinterest, one with the PG test, one with a pregnant belly, and one with the new baby, so I had Clint snap some shots after we found out. 🙂 The things we do for cute photo ideas!

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