Posted by: Ingrid | April 29, 2013


In the winter of 2010 I decided to dabble in Nursing prereqs and I took my first class at JCC.  It has taken me three years (Three!?!?  I got an entire BA done in that amount of time and worked 20 hours a week!) to make it through about 20 units of Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Developmental Psych, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Microbiology.  And thanks to a program in the area that I found, all the classes and books and fees (except Nutrition) were free for me.  And I will totally admit that I sold some of my text books to Amazon and turned the gift card into running shoes!

I started Microbiology and marathon training in January at the same time.  Then I got pregnant.

In the end I completely dropped marathon training and barely finished Micro (50% success rate on large projects begun in 2013).  Once the nausea kicked in I couldn’t believe that two years prior I had managed to take Chemistry and Pharmacology and never missed a class. This time around my motto was “Excellent results with good enough effort”.  I had to get a 4.0, since most nursing programs do a point system and you get points awarded based on your grade in key classes.

So what was “good enough”?  It meant reading over the notes daily but not nearly enough.  It meant forgetting to look at the study questions.  It meant skipping lab one night because I felt sick instead of pushing through.  It meant not studying at all for the final lab quiz because I knew the instructor would drop the lowest score and I had 100% on the quizzes.  It meant getting through the first 5 exams with a 98% so that I could plan to skip the sixth exam (he dropped the lowest score of the six) and the five nights of lecture pertaining to it so that I could lay on my back and feel sick (I have NEVER skipped an exam in my life, even if I knew one would be dropped).  It meant not knowing all the answers on the final.

But when grades went up today, my “good enough” was good for a 4.0.

So now I am done with all my prerequisites and am feeling a little like I’m all dressed up with no place to go.  There is a good chance that we won’t be here more than a year.  At which point we could move anywhere and I could face an entirely different set of classes that need to be taken, provided we can manage to not get pregnant again.  Which, given our every-two-year track record would be asking a lot.

It is a bit anti-climactic knowing that I finally got through the classes but feel like it doesn’t matter much in the big picture.  So I did the only logical thing and went out to dinner with Husband to celebrate over seafood stuffed steak.  Sometimes you just need to celebrate regardless of how you feel.  And any excuse for a steak is fine with me!

I don’t miss reading about microbes and infectious diseases over nap time.  AT ALL! 🙂



  1. Wow. You are done. I remember that moment, back in 2007. Finished. Done. qualified. I wasn’t pregnant but job prospects were few and it seemed kind of pointless too. Do people who finish their study feel that way when they are younger – with plenty of opportunities, I wonder?

    • I don’t know. Maybe they do now with the economy doing poorly. I know that when I finished my BA back in 2002 I felt pretty hopeful – except for the fact that I had chosen the wrong major! But job-wise things were looking pretty good.

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