Posted by: Ingrid | May 2, 2013

Bumpdate: Weeks 11-15

Due Date: Still October 24th.  Ultrasounds (for what they are worth) at 7 weeks and 12 weeks both showed baby’s size to be consistent with that date.  So sometime at the end of October.

Weight Gain: You know how much you hate it when the scale jumps all over the place?  (Don’t lie… you know you do.)  Well, we have reached that phase of pregnancy, the part where weight fluctuations and pregnancy hormones converge to create the perfect storm.  For the record, I am up 2 pounds from pre-pregnancy.  Today.  But on Monday I was 0.5 pound up.  The next day my weight was 3.5 pounds up from that.  Yesterday it was an additional 1.2 pounds up (cue music from horror film).  But today it’s down several pounds and, so help me, I plan on making that stick around!

Symptoms: Still taking zofran for nausea most days (which I think I can phase out sometime soon) which creates it’s own set of symptoms.  Still moody at times though probably less depressed than I have been since February, so that’s nice.  Exhausted.  Oh, and those varicose veins from the second pregnancy that didn’t go away… yeah.  Yuck.  And ouch.  Something will need to be done about those after this baby comes.  Acid reflux at random times (like midnight) has been another symptom.

What’s different this time: This is the earliest I have begun feeling better.  I really felt like there was a difference this time when I hit 13-14 weeks.  As opposed to the last two times when I went around muttering about the damn liars who write pregnancy books and tell women they will feel better at the start of the magical second trimester.  LIARS all of them.  Also different this time is the fact that I am bigger.  (I really am – not just saying that.).  The weird thing is that for most of this pregnancy I have weighed less than the first two (been at or under my pre-preg 126 until 4 days ago) but I have felt heavier, pudgier, and my stomach is just bigger.  Third baby, I guess.  I thought I had abs of steel.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet.  Most of mine are still on loan to a friend and though I totally felt like I would outgrow everything at 11 weeks, at 15 weeks I am still wearing my normal jeans and shirts – I just look pudgy.  I did manage (last year) to find some $4 tops at Ann Taylor that are sort of like peasant blouses.  They are working very well right now.  Also, best summer maternity clothes ever?  Running shorts and old race t-shirts (as long as you don’t have to look all pulled together).

Cravings/Aversions:  Eggs!  How I love you, eggs.  Also, I have the dubious distinction of eating an entire pineapple the other day without meaning to.  Like I cut it open at lunch time and it was gone by 3:00.  Tomatoes are also delicious right now.  I think it might just be things with high water content.  Steak and other meat is good… pretty much as of two weeks ago food started sounded good again even though I still get sick occasionally.  Carbs, even though I eat them, are not something that I have been a huge fan of.  Peanut butter hasn’t been tasting good either, though bananas (which I found nauseating last pregnancy) are totally fine.

Sleep: I feel tired, but not as tired as I did a few weeks ago.  My most aggravating sleep complaint has been the onset of pregnancy insomnia; a kid wakes up, my husband snores erratically, and I watch the minutes tick by as I don’t sleep.  Not a fan.

I am loving:  Um.  Pineapple.  Duh.  Also the sunshine and the fact that it’s warmer.  The sun makes all the difference in the world.

I miss: I miss my body.  How I can be pregnant three times in 4.5 years and have managed to forget just how hard dealing with my changing and expanding body is never ceases to amaze me.  I also miss running really hard and training for something.

Are you nesting?  We are moving this month.  I am trying to figure out how to pack.

Milestones: Entering the second trimester (even according to my doctor’s office, which considers the second trimester to begin at 15 weeks.  Huh?).  I also feel like I have (again because of the waning nausea) come to a place of more acceptance of being pregnant.

Best moment this week: Feeling better is at the top of the list.  I am also glad to be done with my class.  I don’t miss driving back and forth two nights a week and getting to bed late on lab night.  Finding pineapple on sale for $1.59 was also nice.

I am stressing over:  Moving and the fact that the house we are moving into isn’t one that I love.  It will work for a year and the location is great, but I want wide open spaces, a dish washer, and beauty.  Hardwood floors, a private gym, a jacuzi tub, and a live in family member would also be nice.  Body image stuff is also rearing its ugly head as the nausea wanes and I down entire pineapples.

Movement:  I think so.  There have been little “bops” this past week that I am pretty sure are movement.

It’s a: My guess right now is girl.  However, based on my track record I have been sure we were having a girl both other times and look who was wrong.

Exercise: Running is feeling better now that I am not exhausted and puking on a daily basis.  I hit 35 miles last week and 36 the week before.  I am doing a 5K this weekend which messes with the running schedule, but I would be happy staying close to 30 mpw for a while.  I also did my first 10 miler in 8 weeks last Friday.  Did weights for the first time in about 8 weeks too and was sore for three days after.  My goal this week is to do them twice.  Still cross training a few times per week as well.

Diet: I am all over the place with food but as my weight has started jumping I am feeling the need to keep better track of what I am eating.  I still eat a lot of carbs when I feel nauseous but I would prefer to be eating a clean/closer to Paleo diet if I had my way.  Since the nausea has not completely lifted I am trying to cut myself some slack.  I am eating tons of fruit and veggies again though, so that’s a plus.

Exercise goal for the upcoming weeks: Run the 5K and have fun.  Do weights consistently twice a week.  Keep my mileage at 30-35.  I would love to up my long runs but we’ll have to see!

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  1. I’m praying for your continued health and sanity. If you find a nice size pool, I could be that “live- in family member”.

    • If you would like to fund it, I am sure there are some lovely spacious homes with indoor pools in the neighborhood of 200,000 (dollars, not baht, unfortunately!)

  2. So glad that the nausea is decreasing earlier this time, but reading your posts really does bring back all the terrible memories of being sick while pregnant. Ugh.

    True story: a perinatologist (Who I was meeting in a non-pregnant capacity to get info on a blood sensitization) was tellling me that really cold smoothies so wonders to stop nausea in pregnant. To think! That was the key all along!! If only I had had that info years ago I could have change so much.

  3. My nurse Midwife told me eggs were a good source of iron. Yay for eggs. Anyway, I have thought for weeks as to what I did to get through the misery of having another kid. I tried to do as much “me” stuff as I could. Really just involved me going to the gym before anyone was awake. Working out and taking a shower by myself. I was pretty angry my whole pregnancy and ended up with the most laid back, happy baby ever. Now that she’s here, things are better. I think partly I was mad at the situation. I didn’t want to be pregnant THEN. I didn’t want a GIRL, I wanted a boy. I didn’t want to move from a city to the country. Maybe it was the lack of control over anything? Okay so now I am writing s novel. As cliche as it sounds. It gets better once you have the baby!

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