Posted by: Ingrid | May 20, 2013

Thoughts from the old house

As if you couldn’t tell I was pregnant already, here is another indicator.  I only did 1 hour and 45 minutes of vigorous cleaning at our old house before I found myself ready to sit down for an internet/water/ab work/scrabble through my purse in search of ANYTHING to eat break.  Non-pregnant me, even with this morning’s 8 miler would have been all about embracing the calorie burning of a massive cleaning project.  And as a note to self: all that was left in my purse was a smooshed and yucky South Beach bar.  Blech.  Time to restock the purse pantry!

So we moved.  Or are nearly moved.  Something along those lines.  We officially had to be out by July 1, but when we realized that our California trip was going to knock out almost 3 weeks in June it became imperative that we find a place and move before June.  Thanks to a friend who was walking by a nearby street, we looked at a house less than two weeks ago, signed the lease 3 days ago, and moved in 2 days ago.  May I note:

It is HARD to pack anything with small children.  Close to impossible, even.




It is not fun to move while pregnant, though 17.5 week is better than a move at 36 weeks and another move a week postpartum.

We have some incredibly good friends who not only helped us move our stuff (and for a small house we have a lot of stuff) but who also took on the daunting task of watching our two boys.  Watching the boys I think is by far the harder job.

I never want to move again but we probably will have to in a year.

Next time we move I think the smartest way to cut down on stuff is to get rid of our 3,000 books and invest in a Kindle and also get rid of all our children.  That should decrease the boxed stuff by about 80%.

We did not move into our dream house, by any stretch of the imagination, but oh, the space!  There is SO much more space than we had before that I am extremely glad to have made the move.  Husband pointed out that in the 5 moves we’ve made in our 6.5 years of marriage, each one has been a little more of an upgrade.  We started out in a 400 square foot studio and I had to put the crockpot on the bathroom counter to cook!  There is something about moving up incrementally that keeps me feeling incredibly grateful for the new opportunity and ready to leave the old place.  There is something nice about moving when you feel done with a space.

We have been in this house 3 years and 9 months, the longest of any of our stays.  And as I sit in the quietness of this house in which we had two children I am both grateful for the space that we had (a step up from our 1 bedroom California apartment) and ready to move on.

As soon as I finish cleaning the kitchen. 🙂




  1. So like our story! We have moved 8 times in 8 years of marriage. One house we were there for 2 years so you can see a 6 month stint somewhere in there 😉 argh it is a much better time to move – we moved at 38 weeks once and then I went into labour at 39…. Not recommended!
    Pray you enjoy your new house, new phase of life and ‘enjoy’ the rest of your pregnancy. Well done on the exercise! At 1 yr post-partum and lots of injuries I’m finally starting to run at the level I was at when pregnant over 19 months ago. And still a kg away from pre prego weight which was 2 kg above the last pre-preggo weight, but who’s counting? 😉

    • Thanks! We are definitely enjoying the new house so far, even with boxes still scattered around and curtains not yet hung. Moving at 38 weeks does not sound fun at all! 8 times in 8 years is a lot – hopefully you are able to stay put now!

      • Ooh yes. The worst of it is, coming up to year 9 and now we aren’t moving we’re so restless! Thankfully the kids change frequently and keep us from being bored.

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