Posted by: Ingrid | May 26, 2013

Bumpdate: 18-ish Weeks

I give up.  Too much is changing from week to week and I am losing my capacity to remember things for five weeks at a time.  Bumping up to weekly-ish updates.  Besides, what if I have a girl and she actually CARES about what when on during pregnancy?

Due Date: October 24.

Weight Gain: 5-7 pounds up depending on the day.

Symptoms: Random nausea and heart burn, extreme fatigue, varicose veins that are not only ugly but hurt as well.  I seem to feel sick and often throw up after 3:00 pm.  Not fun.

What’s different this time: My belly is bigger and I am way more tired.  Running is a lot slower than with Isaac but I am not injured and off running like I was with Jonathan.

Cravings/Aversions:  Carbs still mess with me and tomato based products and recipes are hit and miss and I don’t eat much peanut butter.  The egg craving (sunny side up, now) is still going strong as is the blue-cheese-on-salad and juicy fruits.  There are some days I’ve eaten 4 eggs in one day.  Salty protein is the best.  Husband found a recipe for a chicken breast brine recipe which he then barbecues – yum!

Sleep: If I am woken up I have a hard time going back to sleep now.  I feel like most nights some combination of husband and children wakes and keeps me up.  For instance, the other night Jonathan screamed until 10 (very unusual), Isaac woke up screaming at 12 and ended up in our bed eventually.  I slept from 1-4 until I couldn’t handle Husband’s snoring anymore and slept in Isaac’s toddler bed from 4:15-6:30 (is there a weight limit on those things?!?).  Not.  A.  Fan.

I am loving:  That I am feeling better.  That we are in a house with more space.  That I am looking more pregnant than fat.

I miss: Being single and childless. 😛

Are you nesting? Well, we just moved so we are sorting, re-packing, getting rid of stuff, and finding places for things.  Anyone want any books?  So sort of nesting, but not really.

Milestones: I am nearly out of all my pre-pregnancy pants and I have pulled out maternity clothes.  I know that some people hate wearing maternity stuff before 20 weeks (or ever).  I am not one of those people.

Best moment this week: I asked Jonathan one night what was in my tummy and he said, “Baby!  Hi baby!” while smacking my stomach.

I am stressing over: Packing for California, unpacking the house, the in between state of my wardrobe when we are going to see people (I’m in the beer gut stage of pregnancy; lot of maternity clothes look dumb but regular clothes don’t fit.), and the state of my weight gain.

Movement:  Yup.  For the past few weeks.  Not noticeable from the outside, but I can tell.

It’s a: Chinese gender predictor says girl… I was thinking girl but at my 16 week visit the heart rate was 134, which is around where Jonathan and Isaac were.  Isaac has prayed for a sister and insists we are having a girl and her name will be Bria.

Exercise: Still running 5 days with cross training on 2-3 days.  With packing and the move I totally stopped doing weights and my mileage plummeted last week (19 miles.  I did 40 the week before!)  This week I am on track to get back to 30+.

Diet: Diet has been crappy.  I still get sick on and off and usually the day after I throw up a few times my weight goes up (Wha???).  Note to teenage girls: bulimia (and its distant cousin morning sickness) are not the ways to lose weight.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: Get out and do weights!  Keep mileage at 30-35 for the week.

Belly Shot:




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