Posted by: Ingrid | May 30, 2013

Ultrasound Day

Tomorrow I hit 19 weeks and we go in for the “big ultrasound”.  Ever since we were pregnant with Isaac we’d talked about being surprised on the baby’s gender. But then we found out we would be moving and the planner in me couldn’t bear to have baby showers and then either return a bunch of neutral things or clothing of the wrong gender when I was in a new state with a new baby.  So that didn’t happen.

Enter Jonathan.  Except, having had one boy, the planner in me couldn’t bear not knowing the gender because what if it was a girl?  What if we needed girl clothes?  So we found out.

There is also the minor annoyance of names.  I don’t even think about names until I know the gender since I see no reason to waste time thinking of two names.  I am one of those women who, if I could, would have my sister come up with a bunch of creative and classy name pairings, the same way women who hate baking can waltz into a bakery and order a dozen cupcakes with champagne colored icing and fake candy pearls.

This time around the planner in me is still balking at the fact that we don’t have any girl things.  I have gone so far as to talk with friends who have had girls though, so if we manage to actually produce a girl this time around she will be clothed.  So far my reasons for being surprised this time around are as follows:

1.  If we decide that we are done after this baby then this is our last chance at the surprise experience.

2.  Sometimes it’s fun to do the opposite of what Planner Ingrid wants to do.

3.  3-4 women I know are all pregnant and not finding out the gender and I feel like I am weak or less of a woman if I cave and need to know early.

So as long as I can hold out for another 13 hours we will be in for a surprise.  It’s weird how it changes the experience though.  I remarked to Husband tonight that without the excitement of the big gender reveal “all” you get to do is find out if you have a healthy baby.  All.  As if that’s not what we want anyway.

So here’s to Baby Surprise.  But I am guessing a boy this time around too, since we don’t seem capable of producing the other version.  Although Isaac is still insisting that he is going to get a baby sister and Jonathan is getting a baby brother. Ha!



  1. The name thing is the one that really gets to me. I just always wanted to start thinking of this little person in my *by name* as soon as I possibly could.

    • Jess, I have always liked that as well. It is a little weird to not be able to use a name (or even a specific gender) when I talk to or think about the baby. I suppose we will need to think of a clever nickname now too so it isn’t just “Baby” 😛

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