Posted by: Ingrid | May 31, 2013

Bumpdate: 19 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.

Weight Gain: Up 7.8 Wednesday.  8.4 Thursday.  I am trying to convince, cajole, and/or force my body to go back to a 6-7 pound gain, which is about as much as I can comfortably accept at the moment.  Then I question why I’m stressed about a couple of pounds.  But I hate it.  I truly loathe what the scale is saying (and how my body is feeling – so please don’t tell me just not to step on the scale.) This just has not been a good week for weight.

Symptoms: Put “occasional”‘ in front of all of my normal symptoms and that would be about right.

What’s different this time: I really am bigger this time around in the waist.  I love that people tell me that’s not true, but since I have taken measurements every pregnancy it is verifiable.  Also different is the fact that we won’t know the gender of this baby until he or she is born.

Cravings/Aversions:  Nothing in particular, though bacon tastes really good right now!

Sleep: Okay, though I could definitely use more.

I am loving:  The fact that we leave on vacation in a few days and will be gone until I am almost 22 weeks.  Mid-pregnancy drags on and on, particularly when you have other children.  Also glad to see that we have a healthy baby that looks like it’s measuring on track.

I miss: My mom.

Are you nesting?  Nope.  I am packing.  Or am pre-packing, as the case may be.  I don’t want to pack maternity clothes unless I know that they will fit for the next 3 weeks!  You may think I’m kidding, but I tried on a non-maternity tankini top last week and it was great.  A week later and it no longer covers my belly completely.

Milestones: None that I can think of.  19 weeks is sort of no-man’s land.

Best moment this week:  Seeing the baby on the ultrasound was great!  It is amazing, even having done this two other times, that seeing this little squirmy baby can bring tears to my eyes.

I am stressing over:  Getting everything packed for our trip, the fact that we have not managed to unpack from the move, and particularly, my unaccounted for weight gain.

Movement:  Yes.  It is getting more noticeable when I am up and about and not just when I am lying still.

It’s a: Surprise!  We made it through the ultrasound without finding out and baby didn’t seem to want to cooperate either, so it was just as well that we didn’t want to know.

Exercise:  33 miles plus cross training last week and hoping for 32 this week.

Diet: Not the greatest, but decent the past few days.  I am frustrated though, because my diet doesn’t seem to correlate with my weight gain.  It’s the same “bad eating day and gain 4 pounds followed by 3 good days during with my weight changes by 0.2 pounds” that I’ve dealt with every pregnancy.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Keep my mileage close to 30 and cross train.  But we will be in California on a different schedule so we’ll see…

Belly Shot:

No official shots – too busy packing!





  1. Have a great time in California! I say girl, they are stubborn from the start 😉

    • I am hoping that it’s a girl too. Though in terms of being stubborn, I am not sure which of the four of us is more stubborn, male or female. 😛

  2. meh, I know the weight gain sucks but if your diet is good then your body is just doing what it needs to… (i was amazed in my pregnancy at having no cravings, zero change in diet from pre-preggo, and possibly MORE active than pre-preggo…and yet those pounds just kept adding on – especially weeks 21-32) – I know, i know that doesn’t help you feel any less of a whale but still…it’s probably not even reassuring to hear that i would’ve loved to have had your figure at any stage of my pregnancy (I’m a short-legged thing…)!!

    • I am constantly amazed at how my body just does what it wants during pregnancy. I guess as long as I get to eat like a teenage boy as soon as I start breastfeeding, I will put up with it. 🙂

  3. will you still have a big garden where you are moving to? I am nominating you for a blog award as I really enjoy reading your blog (and someone nominated me so I have to pay it forward!)

    • We do still have a garden. Thank you for nominating me! I will answer the questions when I get a chance to recover from our trip – we are not all on the same time zone yet! 😛

  4. my first pregnancy weight gain was all in the last 2 months. my second pregnancy, i started gaining a lot of weight at the end of the second trimester. of ocurse i started freaking out because , what if my weight kept increasing?!! what if i gain quickly now until the end?!! ahhh. anyway, i ended up 1lb heavier my 2nd pregnancy even though the weight was gained at different times. Nothing will stop the breakout. Ha but there’s hope it’s just a different pattern!

    • freakout not breakout. I really ought to stop commenting by phone.

      • I understood what you meant. 🙂 And I know the weight gain will even itself out and go away – 40+ weeks is just such a long time, as you well know.

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