Posted by: Ingrid | June 26, 2013

Belated Bumpdate: 20-22 Weeks-Travel Edition in Numbers

Because the last thing I was going to do were regular Bumpdates while trying to travel with small children.  Actually, I was too busy re-re-re-reading Bujold books during nap times to be bothered with blogging. 😛

I have to say, if you are going to travel while pregnant, do it between 20 and 30 weeks.  By the time we left I was mostly out of the nauseous stage and feel decent energy-wise.  Here is 20 weeks 3 days, the only real bump shot that got taken during the trip.  I captured it because I knew what the next twenty plus weeks will hold.

IMG_2068Days traveling: 18

Number of prenatals taken: Zero.  I hope this kid has neural tubes because I have been terrible with prenatal vitamins.

Number of Zofran needed: 1

Number of times I got sick: 9

Number of special times I got sick while driving and had to stop somewhere: 2 (PSA for all pregnant women out there: Private bathrooms at Starbucks will always trump bathrooms at Walgreens.)

Pounds gained: 2

Inches added: 1 inch to my belly.

Nights I got more than 10 hours of sleep: 4-5

Clothing outgrown: 1 pair of extra small running shorts.

Days of running: 14 days.

Days of cross training: 3 days.

Miles logged: 80 miles.

Number of people who asked about my varicose veins: 9 (And usually with a mildly shocked, “What happened to your leg?!?”)

Biggest craving: Fresh fruit and veggies.

Most indulgent craving: I bought a pound of apricots at Trader Joe’s and ate the entire pound on our drive from LA to the Bay Area.

Best advice when traveling with two kids: When it comes to sleep, divide and conquer.  We had two rooms everywhere we stayed and we decided that the best thing to do (since the boys have never shared a room) was for me to sleep in a room with Jonathan (and a white noise machine) in case he woke up to nurse in the middle of the night.  Best sleep of the pregnancy so far!


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