Posted by: Ingrid | July 11, 2013

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

Due Date: October 24-ish.  Still over 100 days left.

Weight Gain:  Not weighing myself, as I am a two days into Operation Wean Your 21 Month Old Child.  I would hope that my weight won’t jump like crazy since it’s not like Jonathan was drinking that much, but my measurements are saying that this is a bad bad Thursday.

Symptoms: Some nausea and lots of fun heart burn along with the fatigue.  Also, do you know what’s worse than horrible varicose veins that encompass your entire lower leg?  Varicose veins with 6 mosquito bites on them.  OW.

What’s different this time:  I am putting the finishing touches on Project Potty Training with Thing 1 and weaning Thing 2.  Oh for the days I could get online and make nice lists of things for people to buy me at showers.

Cravings/Aversions:  Craving: peaches and Laughing Cow cheese and anything grilled.  Ice cream seems to be tasting better.  I don’t know why strawberries still sound really gross.

Sleep: Sleep hasn’t been too bad.  I am even managing to get up early (5:45/6:00) most days, which is nice.

I am loving:  The fact that our storm front finally blew through leaving us with a lovely non-humid day.

I miss:  Not dealing with pregnancy clutziness.  Seriously, I used to be at least semi-coordinated.

Are you nesting?  What exactly do you do to nest for a third child?  Squirt will be sleeping in a pack n play in our room and I can’t do anything gender related since we don’t know what we’re having.  I suppose I could clean out the garage and unpack the last 4 boxes that continue to sit untouched but that’s no fun!

Milestones:  I always feel like weeks divisible by 5 are milestones.

Best moment this week:  Running the five miler last week felt absolutely incredible.  I loved it!

I am stressing over:  Dealing with my oldest child and our mutual survival in the fall, as well as wondering how I will take care of two active boys along with a baby are on my mind this week.

Movement:  This week Squirt started doing the worm.  Such a funny feeling!

It’s a:  I wish I was one of those women with crazy gender intuition, but I’m not.

Exercise:  Same running (25 miles last week) and cross training with weights once.  I am a little bored.  Also, it is humid.

Diet: Okay.  Peaches are still on sale and Husband is doing lots of grilling this summer so I am a happy woman.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  I am aiming for 25 miles this week again, weights once, and more cross training.  I should probably take a day off a some point too.

Belly Shot:  Supposedly Squirt is 13+ inches long and about 1.5 pounds, one of the websites says “as big as a zucchini”.  Maybe not as big as the three zucchini I recently picked from our garden.  I think they could double as police clubs.





  1. “I always feel like weeks divisible by 5 are milestones” LOL. Yes, so true.

  2. holy crap, I can’t believe you already have zucchini and that big coming out of your garden (um, and not to mention a third baby poking around in your belly 🙂 ). You look great!

    • Thanks! I was quite amazed at how quickly the zucchini appeared as well! That, lettuce, and basil. Still waiting on the tomatoes. 🙂

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