Posted by: Ingrid | July 26, 2013

Second Trimester by the Numbers

  1. Weeks pregnant: 27
  2. Days pregnant: 189
  3. Total Weight gained: 15.5 pounds
  4. Inches expanded at belly button in the second trimester: 4 inches (30 to 34)
  5. Pounds gained in the second trimester: 14.5 
  6. Weeks left till due date: 13
  7. Days till due date: 92
  8. Items packed in hospital bag:  0 (Seriously, don’t you pack the bag when you think you might be in labor?)
  9. Days I predict I will go past my due date: 4
  10. Time I went to bed last night: 10:00 pm (wish it had been 9:00!)
  11. Hours of sleep I need to function: 8 is the gold standard for me.  9 would be incredible.
  12. Time of day when I’m the most energized/exhausted: 7:00-11:00 AM
  13. Pregnancy related injuries: 0
  14. Longest run this trimester: 11 miles (twice)
  15. Total miles weeks 14-27: 408
  16. Best weekly mileage: 40 (at 16 weeks)
  17. Number of clothes I’ve outgrown this trimester: 2 (1 pair of running shorts that I still try to wear on occasion and a pair of non-maternity capris)
  18. Stretch marks:
  19. Number of races run in the second trimester: 2 (5K and 5 miler)
  20. Cups of coffee I drink daily for survival: 1-1.5
  21. Items of clothing I’ve bought for this baby: 5 (if you can count 5 pastel headbands in the case this child is a girl)
  22. Number of days I would prefer to stay pregnant: 0
  23. Average number of times flip back and forth with my body pillow every night: Roughly a zillion
  24. Number of races I’m contemplating in the third trimester: 5 (two half marathons, one 5K, and a back to back 5 miler then 5K)
  25. Number of hospitals I’m considering for delivery: 2
  26. Number of doctor’s visits to date: 4
  27. Baby’s heart rate: 140-146 on average

I am feeling so done, but I also am experienced enough to know that wishing for the end of pregnancy is wishing for the beginning of a new crazy schedule that ties me to an infant every 2.5 hours.  Here’s hoping I can enjoy the lovely third trimester and all its “fun”.



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