Posted by: Ingrid | July 29, 2013

Summer Project Snooze

I vaguely recall a time when summer meant interesting and enjoyable projects that didn’t fit in to the rest of the year.  Now that I have been a parent for four years, I feel like my life has reached the pinnacle of boring when I look at my summer projects that I still need to do and those that have been accomplished.

Still on the to-do list?

-Clean out the garage and find whatever smells really really bad

-Strip the cloth diapers and start using them again for Jonathan (we stopped about when I got all day sickness around 6 weeks)

-Put together recycling bins and start taking the recycling in once a week


Then on the list of HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Yes, they deserve all caps.) I had two things, both of which were essential before Thing 3 makes his/her (her/his) arrival.

1.  I weaned my 21 month old and neither one of us was traumatized.  I know, I know.  Some people are laughing at me because he was still nursing at 21 months and others are wondering why I didn’t nurse him until he turned two (three words: No Tandem Nursing).  I feel like I have done both the WHO and the La Leche League proud and frankly, I was ready to be done.  Turns out he was too, since only once, on day three, did he look at me with quivering lips and ask: “Milk?”  And then he was fine and I am happy to slip out in the morning to run without having to debate whether or not I should wake him up.  Weaning small child?  Check!

2.  The summer project of epic proportions was really carried out more by Isaac than by me.  Back in the spring he decided to partially potty train (To those friends who told me that my kid would do it on his own time, you are so right!).  Overnight he was going to the bathroom, staying dry at night, even though he sleeps with a sippy cup of water, and it was great.  Except that he only decided to half way potty train, leaving me with a smelly mess to deal with every nap time.  He absolutely refused, despite massive bribing efforts, to poop in the toilet.  (Beats head against wall.)  And then we got back from California and suddenly, voila!  He was ready (and I am sure the gummi bears and marshmallows helped) and suddenly he was potty trained.  We also seem to be going through a record number of toilet paper rolls.

I cannot believe the sense of ridiculous mature adult satisfaction I feel about both the weaning and the potty training, but I sort of feel like I should have something fun on the project list too.  The closest we have come to fun is binge watching all three seasons of Downton Abbey in roughly 3 weeks.

Belly dancing?  Lion taming?  Making fancy desserts for every meal?  I need some non-boring ideas!

But preferably ones that don’t involve much energy.




  1. I don’t think you better try belly dancing, unless you want #4 immediately following #3

    • Jen, you are too funny for your own good. 😛

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