Posted by: Ingrid | August 8, 2013

Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  Moving into the 70’s in terms of days to go.

Weight Gain:  Up 15.8 yesterday and 16.4 today.  Guessing that I am really more the latter than the former, unfortunately.

Symptoms: Exhaustion and feeling large.  Also, I sometimes unintentionally grunt when I bend over and forget I have a large belly.  And spatial navigation is not my forte right now – I keep underestimating the space I take up and running into walls.  I have also noticed, when I stretch my legs out in the middle of the night that I am dangerously close to getting those horrible pregnancy leg cramps that make you want to die.

What’s different this time:  I’m so so SO done.  And I’m not even 30 weeks yet.

Cravings/Aversions:  Craving fruit of all kinds, peaches, raspberries, and cantaloupe in particular.  Also, while in Mackinac City, I opted for more fried fish over ice cream which just seems weird when you are pregnant.  Here is the proof.


Based on last evening’s activities, you would think that this was a particular craving of mine, but it’s not.  Merely a necessity brought on by too many cucumbers in the garden.  Can I just say that I am thankful I don’t HAVE to do stuff like this?  Canning may not be rocket science, but my word, it is tedious.


I feel like my aversions vary by the day and by the hour.  I may be able to eat something for lunch that will sound disgusting by dinner time.

Sleep: Fabulous sleep for 2 nights on our weekend getaway.  Not so great sleep after coming home since 3/4 of us can’t figure out how to sleep through the night.  And since Jonathan is now climbing out of the crib like a monkey and then appearing with a big smile on his face to say: “I’m OUT!” that might bring the entire family to a hot sleepless mess.

I am loving:  Getting away for the weekend was AMAZING.  Beyond amazing!

I miss:  Being able to have a comfortable 7 mile run in under an hour.  The running is taking way too long these days.

Are you nesting?  It took a while to get stuff unpacked from the weekend.  Sometimes I think about nesting though, if that counts…

Milestones:  The medical practice that I am about to leave considers 29 weeks the beginning of the third trimester (Crazy!  No third time mom will agree to such ridiculous terms!).

Best moment this week:  We bought a minivan!  And for those nasty winter months I can start it and let it warm up from inside the house!

I am stressing over:  Birthday party for a four year old this weekend.  Not like parties are a huge deal, but when you have small children even doing a little cooking/cleaning/baking/decorating beyond the norm feels like a stressful and major undertaking.  Nothing stays put and everyone undoes what I do!

Movement:  I should name him/her Thumper.

It’s a:  Still going with the boy guess.

Exercise:  Ran 30 miles over 4 days last week (11 mile long run) problem and pain free.  Did weights once, cross trained twice, and rode about 20 miles around Mackinac Island on Saturday.

Diet: Trying to clean it up a little.  The weekend was atrocious!  Too much fried food, fudge, and meals at weird times.  I will do better after we finish up the fudge…

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Hopefully I will end this week at 32 miles, plus a few days of cross training, and two days of weights.  So far, with a 6 and 5 miler and then my 9 mile long run today, things are on course for the week.  The weather is looking good for the half marathon that I may do in 10 days!

Belly Shot: 



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