Posted by: Ingrid | August 22, 2013

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  Slowly counting down.  Dipping down into the 60’s!  In true form (and just like I would do for a long run) I am portioning off increments.  Get to 32 weeks, 35, 37, 40, etc.  Some days 9 weeks feels short.  Mostly it does not.

Weight Gain:  So I didn’t weigh myself for 4 days (while I was getting ready for the half).  Discovered that in 4 days plus a half marathon I had gone up 4.5 pounds.  I fortunately remembered that when I did longer runs with Jonathan I always retained excess water for a few days so I didn’t entirely freak out.  So I am seeing how long I can keep to my idea of a GD diet and see how that goes.  So about 18-ish pounds up currently.

Symptoms: Extreme jealousy of my August friends who are having their babies.  Three people were due in a 2 week span and in three days all the babies were out.  All girls.  Which means that I won’t be able to have a girl because they took them all.  Also, our humidity is back with a vengeance and doing nothing except making me feel like a tired beached whale.

What’s different this time: I ran a half marathon at 30.5 weeks and felt great!  After not running most of the last pregnancy I didn’t think that was going to be on the “to do” list.  I am also still not wearing the belly band that I wore all the time with Isaac while running.

Cravings/Aversions:  Craving salt and protein, berries, cantaloupe, and peanut butter (straight from the jar).  And I can put away lunch meat like nobody’s business, Listeria be darned.

Sleep: Sleep.  Mmmm.  Two very very bad nights and two other nights during which I ended up on the couch.  Not fun.  I am cranky and don’t function well on minimal sleep, particularly if I have to interact with young humans.  Last night I went to bed at 10:30 and then was woken up at 4:10 and have been unable to go back to sleep because of children randomly waking up.  Today I am not a fan of children at all.

I am loving:  That the half went great and that running is still feeling (relatively) good.  I also got to see Squirt on the ultrasound last Thursday… he/she is already head down and engaged and even has some fuzzy hair!

I miss:  Pants and shorts that button and zip.  I am hitting the stage where elastic that is too tight in the morning and too lose by evening is getting old.

Are you nesting?  Birthday decor is still going strong.  I am thinking on and off of exploring our “baby box” section in the basement, more in desperate hopes that I will find our boy name list from the first pregnancy in one of the boxes.  So in short, not nesting.

Milestones: I have hit the start of 8 months and have also hit the point where I am in the single digits in terms of weeks left.  Sort of the equivalent of hitting 10 weeks at the beginning.

Best moment this week:  Hitting mile 9 at the half marathon (don’t get me wrong, the finish was fabulous too).  That was a great “runner’s high” moment.

I am stressing over:  Oh, let’s not just pick one.  Between our car and our new van we have roughly $2000 of work to do, after already doing work on both of them.  Couple that with zero income for 3 months and that’s lots of fun.  Husband’s teaching schedule starts today.  Four months until Christmas break.  I am tired and tired and more tired and don’t want to deal with kids or pregnancy ever again (did I mention being tired and cranky?).  If anyone out there is debating whether or not to have children, I suggest not.  The end.

Movement:  Lots of movement, which is always reassuring.

It’s a:  Still going with the boy guess.  Heart rate was 133 at the ultrasound.  Maybe I produce children of both genders with low heart rates, but somehow I doubt it.

Exercise:  Finished at 30.1 miles last week after the half marathon.  Did three days of cross training and weights.

Diet: Better once I finished up the frosting and cake!  Also better since trying to clean up my eating/drink more water, and limit carbs.  Good times in pregnancy land.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Stick to my plan of staying close to 25 miles this week.  I felt so good after the half that I didn’t take the next day off and biked.  Then I did a 6 mile run the following day.  I need to remember to pull back a bit so that I can feel good and get in a 9 miler this weekend!  Hoping to hit weights twice and cross train.

Belly Shot: 





  1. did you ever get an ultrasound at the beginning, before 12 weeks? if so, do you know if your placenta was on the left or right. there was a study done and it was correct for my boy. for my girl, she didn’t want us to know at the ultrasound, the placenta was in the middle & top of my belly and her heart rate was always right in the boy/girl line. right around 140bpm. i guess you will find out soon enough but it’s fun to guess. “they” say, if you arent hoping for a certain sex, a little over half of women have a correct feeling of gender. there’s also the whole “angle of the dangle” where they say ah, google it. lol. i am hoping for a girl for you. besides, what are the chances of 3 boys in a row really…?

    • I would agree with the “what are the odds” comments if I didn’t have several friends who have 3 boys (or 3 girls) and one friend who was just surprised by her 4th boy. 😛 I did have an ultrasound at 7-ish weeks… I will go back and see if it has any info. 🙂

  2. so i looked it up. there’s a 12.5%-14.9% chance of having 3 boys in a row. i thought it was interesting:

    • That’s good to know! Thanks for looking up the fun fact. 🙂 Here’s hoping that we are in the other 85%.

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