Posted by: Ingrid | August 29, 2013

Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  We are into the 50’s now!

Weight Gain:  Still around 17.5-18.5 pounds up, depending on the day.  I would say “it’s all baby”, but since I just read that Squirt is roughly 3.75 pounds… yeah…

Symptoms: I had three evenings this week where I ate dinner, felt sick, and threw up.  Hello reminder of the first terrible trimester (and part of the second).  I seem to be having insomnia on and off, coupled with snoring husband and wakeful children.

What’s different this time: If I recall right, I am still wearing some summer clothing that I had retired by this time in the last pregnancy.  I am also relegated to using Ke$ha to get through solo runs.  Embarrassing but true.  Also, I had a bleeding episode the other day which sincerely scared me since I have never bled at all when I’ve been pregnant.

Cravings/Aversions:  Craving grapefruit, tomatoes with balsamic glaze and blue cheese, salty chicken, bacon, and cantaloupe.  I also found a chocolate caramel ice cream that tastes fantastic despite my weird pregnant tastebuds.

Sleep: I sleep fine… when I take a sleep aid.  So I will get 10 hours of sleep and then have a couple horrible nights and then repeat.  It’s not been that fun.  There are just so many factors now when I wake up: squirmy baby, two kids who may or may not sleep well, and exhausted husband who snores when he’s exhausted, epic thunderstorms, etc.  I just want solid eight hour nights!

I am loving:  That the bleeding scare allowed me to sit and listen to Squirt’s heart beat for 2-3 hours (they got busy at the hospital and since I wasn’t urgent they dealt with everything else first).

I miss:  Having the desire to go shopping.  I am not really a shopper, but the thought of purchasing ANYTHING for my expanding body that will change significantly in 8-9 weeks makes me completely anti-shopping right now.  Though I do need new running shoes.

Are you nesting?  I finally got the daily chore chart pulled together and am mostly following it.  I have yet to finish cleaning out the garage though – perhaps I should save that for early October?

Milestones: 32 always feels like a milestone week.  Also, pumpkin spice products are making their way onto the shelves which means it’s almost autumn!  And I am having an autumn baby, so it proves we are getting closer.  I am also under 60 days (which, when you are counting down from 280 days is no small feat).  Another milestone: my favorite knit summer shirts are for some reason no longer covering the classy elastic waist band of my maternity shorts and capris.

Best moment this week:  Knowing that Squirt was fine and not coming out any time soon.  99% of me was sure everything was fine but 1% was scared I was going to get to triage, start gushing blood, and suddenly be facing a C section while Husband was gone for 12 hours.  Or worse yet, bed rest!

I am stressing over:  I think I am still trying to figure out survival this semester.  There are some days I don’t even want to babysit my children, let alone parent them all day.

Movement:  I am at the point where it is possible to get distracted watching my belly bounce around.

It’s a:  After hearing the heart beat for hours on Tuesday I say BOY.  130’s when awake and 120’s when asleep, very much the same as Isaac and Jonathan.

Exercise:  I finished at 27 miles last week (9 mile long run), with weights once, cross training twice, and a day off because I was so tired on Sunday.  Definitely not what I’d hoped for!

Diet: Okay.  I feel like I have a better sense of what to eat that makes me feel good.  I am glad that there is lots of fruit still mostly in season and we are getting fantastic tomatoes from our garden!

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  It is looking like another sub-par week on the exercise front.  I got rained out of one run and then after the bleeding incident, I was told to “take it easy” and “pull back on running”.  I had to press the nurse for what exactly that meant, a question I am sure she deals with a ton. 😛  When pressed, she said if I was planning on 7 miles, do 5.  Okay, I can follow that.  So I am cutting my mileage down to 25 this week and will hopefully bump it up next week.  I had a very tired and careful and humid 5 mile run after the evening in the hospital, so I don’t think it will be a huge deal.  I am finding it so hard to be motivated when it comes to running alone or doing weights though.

Belly Shot: 



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