Posted by: Ingrid | September 5, 2013

Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  First day in the 40’s.  49 days until due date (for whatever that’s worth).

Weight Gain:  Up 19.5 pounds today.  With at least 7 weeks to go it is nearly impossible that I will be able to slow weight gain enough at this point to be back in the 120’s a few weeks postpartum since the max I will lose in the first two weeks is about 17 pounds (based on the first two pregnancies).  I know that it sounds vain to even want that, but with three kids in the house I just want to be back to normal ASAP.  *Deep breath*  Letting go of the dream.

Symptoms: Weight gain, insomnia, and very vivid dreams.  Also some heart burn, random nausea and vomiting, and exhaustion.  Late pregnancy is lots of fun!  Everyone should get pregnant!  Pregnancy clumsiness is also getting to me.

What’s different this time:  I’m drawing a blank on this one, even though I am sure I had a clever answer two days ago.  So maybe what’s different is that my brain is completely, rather than partially, fried this time around.

Cravings/Aversions:  Not really into cravings this week.  Strong aversion to most ice cream and the thought and smell of mint gum.  Blech.

Sleep: I have been getting to bed early and sleeping decently, just a lot of tossing and turning and very vivid dreams, including one in which I found out that a friend’s little boy had been hit and killed by a car while crossing the street.  So getting lots more sleep but not feeling particularly rested.

I am loving:  That I found two running shirts and a running skirt for a total of $8.  Not name brand (and I have never run in a skirt) but still!  Of course I can’t wear them because I will stretch them out and husband kindly asked if I thought the skirt would cover my derriere.  (It does look short.)  I tried them on at home.  Stop snickering.  I know that it looks very pink and very girly, but it cost $5.  You just don’t argue with that (unless the ensemble is orange).


I miss:  My clothes!  My sleep!  My metabolism!  My normal taste buds!  The single pre-children life!  Running fast!

Are you nesting?  I want to clean.  Whether my children allow that is a different story.  Though I finally made the switch back to mostly cloth diapers (stopped back when I was nauseous and taking Micro and then we were packing, moving, traveling, settling in…).  That has felt a little like a nesting project as I had to strip the diapers, which required figuring out why our hot water didn’t work, and then pick the fuzz, hair, and lint out of every tab on 30 diapers.  Now I know why they wouldn’t stay fastened!

Milestones: 33 and 34 weeks feel very blah.  Um… Squirt is over 4 pounds, presumably.  The circumference of my belly is now more than my age (35 inches).  I am as many weeks pregnant as I am years old.  Yeah… I’m really reaching for milestones this week.

Best moment this week:  Friday was a really nice, restful, “day off”.  I got cleaning done while Husband took the boys out and then I hung out in a study room at the university where it was quiet.  With a latte.  Good stuff!

I am stressing over:  I’m not sure if Husband’s staggered class start is a good thing or more of a “frog in the pot of hot water that ends up boiled alive” sort of thing.  Some of these days are feeling really long.  I am having a “what was a thinking” moment (not so much stressing) over the fact that I signed up for the back to back 5 miler AND 5K this weekend.  $15 for  one event or $20 for both!  I couldn’t say no.  But now I am feeling silly even though I wanted to get in 9 miles that day anyway.

Movement:  Things are getting a little painful now when I lay down and Squirt starts moving and bumping.  Holy elbows and knees!

It’s a:  I am almost sure boy even though probability doesn’t favor 3 boys in a row.

Exercise:  I finished at 31 miles last week (10 mile long run), with weights at home once, and cross training.  I really meant to drop my mileage lower.  Oops.

Diet: Meh.  Could be better.  I am just feeling big and full these days.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Run the 5 miler and 5K and have fun this weekend.  Hoping to finish the week at 27 miles over 4 days of running – I have been tired this week!  Hand weights and abs at home since I can’t seem to make myself do them at the fitness center.  Same old cross training on 3 days with a lighter day on Friday (day before the run).

Belly Shot: 



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