Posted by: Ingrid | September 7, 2013

Allegiance Race to Health: (Pregnant) Race Report

Last weekend, in a spurt of unexpected energy (and before the price went up) I registered for the Allegiance 5 miler and back-to-back 5K.  It takes place at our local hospital and I have heard accounts from other people as to how hilly the course is so of course I would never run it not pregnant.  I am so far 0 for 3 on picking the last three running events and the hills are winning!



Too bad the energy burst didn’t last.  By last night, when Isaac was spiking a fever of 103, I was praying to the god of pregnant runners and requesting that I get sick too so that I could back out.  I was just feeling that pregnant.  Tired, puffy, bloated, tired, large, and more tired.  But I am made of hardier stuff that that, apparently, and Isaac’s fever went down before I went to bed and he was fine today, just a lot of waking us up during the night.  No excuses for me.


So off we drove at 7:10 for the 8:00 start.  Husband has been a good sport about all this.  Not only does he always get stuck with the stroller (hey, I’m carrying 19 pounds of baby, it’s only fair) but he is not a regular runner.  So last time he ran was the July 4th 5 miler.  And did I mention the hilly course? 🙂


The 5 miler didn’t have nearly the number of people I expected.  We were off pretty much on time and the course was well marked with some water stations throughout.  There was a great hill around mile 0.5, then more hills getting on toward mile 2, and a big one at 2.5, all of which I was going to see again for the 5K.  Around mile 4 I started reasoning with myself that it would be no great loss to do the 5 miler and skip the 5K.  I was able to pass a few people at the end of the run, and wasn’t passed again by any of them, which felt good.  My push at the finish came when a man behind me was trying to talk his friend to the finish line and there was no way I was going to be passed at that point!  Stopping after the first race was my plan when I hit the finish at 40:53 (8:10 pace).  But then I had almost 20 minutes to pull myself together and by that time I was thinking that 3.1 more miles, even if I ended up exhausted and walking, couldn’t be too hard.


At 9:00 we took off for the 5K.  Mostly the same course with the same lovely hills.  There were a lot more people for the 5K which meant I got passed more but also got to do some passing of my own.  Despite the hills, the male winner won in 16-something.  I finished in 25:23 (8:11 pace).  I was a little surprised that I averaged almost the exact same pace for both races.  I guess I am nothing if not consistent.  With the two runs, plus a little warm up and cool down I was able to hit the 9 miles which was my goal for the day.  In some ways, the 5K was easier because I knew I would be done afterwards and didn’t have to worry that I was expending too much energy.

There was lots of family stuff after the run, including a full breakfast, bounce area, climbing wall, and little farmer’s market.  We stayed for a while to look around, but also because I got third in my age category for both runs.  I wanted to claim my little medals.  I’m just silly like that.


Will I run this race again?  I don’t know.  Maybe if I really want some nice hill work and a tempo run.  I’m glad I got through both today, despite my desire to reconsider.

Now back to my regularly scheduled 9:30-ish pace.  Have I mentioned how pregnant I am feeling these days!?!




  1. oK, you know how amazing and inspiring you are, right???!!! You are awesome! and you know I am not given to hyperbole. Betsy

    • Thanks, Betsy! We will see if I am able to walk tomorrow… 🙂

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