Posted by: Ingrid | September 19, 2013

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  35 days.  That sounds very close and yet very far away.  Close enough, though, for Husband to look panicked when I mentioned it this morning.

Weight Gain:  Only up 18.8 pounds this morning, which I am loving.  That is the lowest I’ve seen in a while.

Symptoms: Having fun reminders of the first trimester.  I think I threw up dinner three nights this week.  Although third trimester nausea is not an all day thing as it’s usually brought on by eating something sweet or carb-y after or during dinner.  Also, while throwing up in the first trimester makes my weight go up, it does the opposite during the third trimester.  I’ll take it.  Throw in a (large) side of fatigue and lots of false contractions and that’s about it.

What’s different this time: No name.  Still no name.  I told Husband last night that he should offer extra credit to anyone who can find us a good name in one of his classes and a flat out A in the class if we use the name for our baby.  We had a little date last week, went through about 600 names and the most we got out of it was lots of laughter over the name Avery, which according to the name app, meant “rules with elf wisdom.”  Yes, elf, as in North Pole and/or little pointy ears.

Cravings/Aversions:  Craving salt, protein, eggs, and salads with lots of blue cheese and honey mustard dressing.  Aversion to gum, sweeteners, and almost all carbs and sweets and candy after 4 pm.

Sleep: Sleep is good.  I am sleeping fairly well for late pregnancy and the boys are doing decently as well too.  I love sleep.

I am loving:  That I got to sign up for two more running events.  I signed up for the half marathon at 38.5 weeks with the caveat that I can defer to next year or transfer my registration.  I also signed us up for a free 5K that starts, no kidding, within eyesight of our house.  That’s at 37.5 weeks.

I miss:  Not feeling so cumbersome.  Also missing my pre-preg wardrobe.  None of my pants and jeans really fit me well and I am not clothes shopping for my body over the next five weeks.

Are you nesting?  I got through the baby stuff and unearthed my pre-pregnancy clothes (no, I did NOT open the boxes – we are not going there!).  Unfortunately, I have not found our baby name list that we had with Isaac which is driving me nuts.

Milestones: 35 weeks –  divisible by 5 and therefore a milestone.  Also, this is the “buldge” week.  In early pregnancy, before weight gain or anything else, I lose my waist and just go straight up and down.  This was the week that I lost the straight lines and started to bulge, not only out, but also at the sides.  Nice.

Best moment this week:  I finally had my first appointment at U of M last Friday and everything looked good.

I am stressing over:  I feel like one or both vehicles have been in the shop weekly since early August.  That is feeling stressful.  Also high on the stress list is feeling like my boys go all Lord of the Flies as soon as I leave the room.

Movement:  Feels constant!

It’s a:  We only produce boys.  I need to accept that and move on.

Exercise:  I made it to 30 miles last week, with a 10 mile long run on Saturday.  I think I ran 4 days?  Maybe?  Cross trained and did weights and abs once.

Diet: Back to craving lots of salt and blue cheese.  Even a little of something like a cookie, oreo, even one m&m, if eaten at the wrong time, is enough to trigger nausea.  So weird.  My diet isn’t bad.  I just need to remember to drink water now that it’s cooling off.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:   This week I am hoping to get to somewhere between 31-35 miles.  35 would feel appropriate for the week, but it entails not only the 7/5/6/5 that I ran Monday-Thursday, but also another two days of running.  Not sure I can manage that!  So at least two more running days this week, weights twice, and cross training two or three times.

Belly Shot: 




  1. since i never got to use any of my boy names (and never will!), i pass them onto you in case any of them strike a chord: Jonah (heavy favorite), Adam, Samuel, Jacob, Noah (yes, I know… I’m an atheist and these are old testament names… don’t ask, i have no idea, I just like them somehow) also… not an old testament name but Ethan. Girl names that I loved and never got to use: Lucy, Florence, Androgynous names that I loved and never got use: Jamie, Pascal(e).

  2. p.s. I love the top in that photo! You look great in it!

    • Thank you! And thanks for sharing all the baby names. 🙂

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