Posted by: Ingrid | September 26, 2013

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  28 days.  Never mind that this baby will keep up the late trend, things are starting to feel close.  It definitely felt like it hit more when I got to the 24th and was a calendar month out from my due date.

Weight Gain:  At the 19.4 pound mark today.  I think with both other pregnancies I was at least at 150 by now, so to still be seeing 145 feels good.  Measurements and weight stayed pretty consistent from this point on with the boys so I am hoping I can do the same this time as well.

Symptoms: I am tired and clumsy and still beset with random nausea and puking most nights.  Usually I just throw up dinner and then I’m good.  My lower back is definitely sore, though I don’t notice it until Husband is giving me a back rub and he presses on that area.  Honestly, for the end of pregnancy I think I’m doing pretty well.  Also, lots of contractions, which I think is unfair.  Like my uterus doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be doing by now.  Come on.

What’s different this time: I have seen a chiropractor almost the entire pregnancy, which I’m very thankful for.  Another thing that’s different is that I actually have to pack a hospital bag this time around.  Packing as a third time mom is much different than the first time around (when I packed a whole bunch of activities and didn’t do anything).  This time I am assuming that with one small baby that sleeps in regular intervals I will actually be able to do something like read a book.

Cravings/Aversions:  I feel like I develop aversions to anything I eat for dinner and then throw up.  Still feeling the same aversion to cookies and such without the willpower to avoid those things.  For example, I finally made a pumpkin-molasses cookie the other day and ate… 7?  And that wasn’t counting the cookie dough.  But I could tell eating them that they weren’t doing it for me.  I could probably eat a good steak and blue cheese every day though.

Sleep: Sleep has been hit and miss this week.  We are surviving though.

I am loving:  I got running shoes this week!  Also, I found running tights that were recommended to me for more than half off.  I am not actually sure that I love the shoes yet and I am also unsure as to whether the tights will fit, but it felt nice to look ahead.

I miss:  Shaving my legs easily.  Oof.  Who thought swim lessons for mommy and toddler were a good plan?

Are you nesting?  I have lots of projects that I would like to be working on.  Also, I am starting to feel the need to store stuff in the freezer and have some sort of “easy meals to make with ingredients on hand” list.  I also need to get Isaac’s curtains up and sort through fall clothes.

Milestones: 36 weeks is, I think, the mark after which labor isn’t considered preterm.  Plus I believe I am now ushered into the 9th month of pregnancy.  Also, less than a calendar month to go and under 30 days.  Yay!  And my pregnancy app asked me today if baby had arrived.  Eek.

Best moment this week:  Getting to 36 miles last week and feeling good.

I am stressing over:  Decisions and choices that need to be made, all accompanied with a hefty side of parental guilt.

Movement:  Lots of movement, a good portion of it in my ribs.

It’s a:  Boy.  Not proven, but I can’t believe that it will be anything else at this point.

Exercise:  I made it to 36 miles last week, with a 9 mile long run on Saturday.  I ran on 6 days and cross trained a day or two and did weights at home once.

Diet: Please refer to the above bit about making cookies and eating 7 in one day.  The fall weather is making me want to bake and make casseroles and soups and all sorts of things I do NOT need lying around the house.  I could gain 5 pounds just looking at my Pinterest “recipes to make” board.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:   This week I am hoping get to 30-31 miles over 4 days.  The first 3 days of running have been fine.  It’s the prospect of Saturday’s 11-12 miles that I am finding a bit daunting.  Hoping to cross train 3 days and do weights twice (I’ve already done them once this week, which is better than normal).

Belly Shot: 




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