Posted by: Ingrid | October 3, 2013

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  21 days.  That’s it?!?!?  Cue panic.

Weight Gain:  20-21 pounds.  Doesn’t surprise me at all after the horrible eating at the hospital for a few days, coupled with stress and tiredness.

Symptoms: Tiredness, random nausea, more tiredness.  Evening heartburn and random puking.  A variety of random contractions.  I am starting to feel like a large pastel Easter egg in most of my maternity garb and I most definitely waddle when tired.

What’s different this time: We have yet to name the baby!!!!  Cue more panic.  Also, week 37 flew by with Isaac’s breathing problems landing him in the hospital for a few days.  Other differences, my midwife appointments have been sporadic at best.  34 weeks, 37 weeks, next one at 38.5.  It is just harder to schedule stuff with kids at home.  Also, with three weeks left, I still have two running events to participate in.

Cravings/Aversions:  I feel like I will happily eat in the morning things that I throw up at night.  My taste buds are so out of whack.  I just need to get through the month and then things will (hopefully) go back to normal.  Eggs and bacon are still good, and no one is as surprised as I am that, after eating at least 2 eggs every day for the duration of this pregnancy, my cholesterol is 176.

Labor Signs: My children prefer to acknowledge 40 weeks as full term and not 37.  The only thing that indicates that there will be a baby in the next month is the fact that he/she is head down and very low.  This would probably explain my new groin discomfort when I run.

Sleep: I have not gotten enough at all since we have been thrown off the past few days.  I forget how cranky and exhausted that makes me!  Not looking forward to the “up a few times a night to nurse” days that are coming up.

I am loving:  That this is finally the month.  Baby, if you make your appearance in November you will be in huge trouble.

I miss:  My non-pregnant taste buds.  I am looking forward to normal things tasting good again.

Are you nesting? We flipped the calendar into October and suddenly all I can think about is how I want to organize and straighten and declutter.  I want to find the fall decor (?) and put it out (please tell me NOT to do this).  I want the bag packed.  I want things cleaned.  I want the fridge and freezer stocked and cleaned.  I want to figure out the plan when I go into labor.  I want everything in order NOW so that I can sit around and wait for another four weeks.

Milestones: 37 weeks is considered full term.  Though unlike the first time around, I don’t expect baby to suddenly appear.  With experience comes wisdom, despondency, or something like that.

Best moment this week:  Coming home from the 48 hours in the hospital with Isaac (breathing problems).  Grateful that he was okay and for the friends who pitched in and helped us so much.

I am stressing over:  Isaac, on a variety of levels.  The most basic being that he is on steroids for a few more days and boy oh boy, he is not fun.  I feel like I have a small child with zero impulse control, extra decibels, and Tourette’s.  Which I suppose is close to his typical MO, just taken to the nth degree.

Movement:  Squirt is squirmy.  He/she has not gotten the memo that space is at a premium.  The weirdest moment came during today’s run.  Mid-stride baby moved on either side of my belly at it was just weird.

It’s a:  Boy (still a guess), although everyone is hoping otherwise. 🙂

Exercise:  I made it to 31 miles last week, with a 12 mile long run on Saturday.  Did some weights at home and cross training but ended up taking Sunday off since I didn’t expect to spend noon on going to Urgent Care and the ER with Isaac.  This is why I don’t schedule days off, I figure they will be forced on me eventually.

Diet: With the hospital stay and sleep deprivation and driving back and forth, eating has been terrible.  Throw in the stress and let’s just say that the Nutella is getting low and I will not open the Autumn Mix because it will go the way of the bag of candy corn that I just polished off.  Diet is bad bad bad right now.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:   Hoping to get to 30 miles this week since I have a 5K on Saturday.  Did my 8 mile “long” run today, bringing me to 24 miles for the past 4 days.  I bought a stationary bike for $20 last weekend so I am trying to use that when I run less than 5 miles.  Hopefully I will get in running on 5 days with 2 days of cross training and 0 trips to the ER.  And weights somewhere in there, maybe.  10 days until the half marathon!

Belly Shot: 




  1. Can I come over and help you clean something?

    • Oooh! A cleaning party! That sounds like so much fun!!! (Really, it does.) 🙂 Then I will ship my family off… somewhere so that they don’t mess the house up.

  2. I’m praying that you are a nursing mother by the half-marathon. Betsy

    • Thanks, Betsy, but I am not sure I will have the freezers cleaned and organized by then! 🙂

  3. Your continued pukes are scaring me, but I guess that is just how life is for some of us, huh? So sorry you are still dealing with that!

    Glad Isaac is okay, sounds super stressful.

    Will be thinking of you!

    • It is a million times better than the first trimester though! Honest. I just feel sick around dinner, throw up, feel better, and carry on. None of the constant nausea, etc. I am so hoping that you will be feeling much better soon!

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