Posted by: Ingrid | October 5, 2013

(Pregnant) Race Report: SAU Alumni 5K

Today was my second time running the SAU Alumni 5K.  This time, since we’d moved, the starting line was about 0.1 miles from our front door.


The event is small and free (no water stations, goody bags, or free food, but you still get a t-shirt).  Totally worth doing if you live close by.  The course is fairly flat too, which is nice.  Last year I finished in 20:20, second woman behind an All American (or was at one point an All American – not sure which, I just know there was a reason she was fast!).


This year I was pregnant.  Not only pregnant but late-pregnant-boy-this-is-no-longer-fun pregnant.


The pregnancy site that told me that Squirt is the size of a watermelon this week is right on.  I felt like I had half a watermelon stuck to my front.  I did 1.2 miles to “warm up” (really just to piece together miles to make it to 6 for the day).  The race began at 10:30 which is really much later than I prefer, especially since I have been running around 6:15 am most days in order to run with friends.  It was also close to 70 degrees and the humidity was 91%.  Not pleasant running conditions.  I hear that fall weather is supposed to be here tomorrow.  The humidity coupled with pregnancy makes it hard to breathe and sweating for two is never fun.  Oh well.  At least I’m still running.


I ended up running with a friend, which I had not expected.  It was a welcome relief and very kind of her since she is A) faster that me (right now at least 😉 ), B) I have at least 25-30 pounds on her, and C) she is decidedly not pregnant.  Our mile splits were something like: 7:12, 7:48, and probably close to an 8:00 for the last mile.  I finished in 24:04, which is faster than the 5K I ran four weeks ago (though that one was hilly and followed a 5 mile race).  This is the latest I have run any event in pregnancy, so to finish with a 7:45 average pace was fine by me.

Husband got stuck with the stroller again and ran for the first time in 4 weeks.  He is also signed up for the 5K next Sunday – so he will run two times in a week!  I don’t know what he will do with such a consistent running schedule.  He’s a good sport!


To sum it up: I’m glad I can still run, I’m glad I did the 5K, I’m glad it’s over, and I am enjoying sitting down for the entirety of nap time.  And I’m tired of being pregnant.

30 miles done for the week and only one more race to run while pregnant!  Looks like beautiful Autumn weather for next Sunday morning’s half marathon. 🙂



  1. That is SO FAST for someone with a watermelon stuck to their stomach. Wow!

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