Posted by: Ingrid | October 10, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.  14 days.  I can’t wrap my head around that.  Seems too close for my mind, too far away for my body.

Weight Gain:  20.5 yesterday.  21.5 today.  I seem to go back and forth and hope that I can just stay right here.

Symptoms: I am feeling so tired.  I also appear to be getting sick, which is not a symptom of pregnancy but is very annoying.  I also had a “revenge of the first trimester” episode on Sunday, the kind of getting sick where you feel miserable for an hour, turn your body inside out throwing up almost nothing, and then feel out of it the rest of the day.  Yeah, I don’t miss you, first trimester.

What’s different this time: I still have a half marathon to run because I am insane.  Also, still no name for baby.  I have also not yet hit 150 yet, or even the dreaded 148 that was my highest weight in college and still somehow carries with it vague feelings of terror.

Cravings/Aversions:  Eggs, vegetable beef soup, pumpkin flavored marshmallows, apples, bread and butter, sharp cheese, lunch meat, and meat and salt in almost any form.  On the out list is gum, Mexican food and spices, and most cereals.

Labor Signs: Baby is low.  This is a sign that labor will occur in the next year and running will not feel great until then.

Sleep: When Husband is tired he gets “snore-y” if you will.  Husband has been tired this week.  Sleep has definitely been better.

I am loving:  Swimming lessons are over, the month seems to be chugging forward, and I will not be pregnant forever.  Also loving that I just borrowed some maternity jeans that expanded my wardrobe choices.

I miss:  Bending all the way over without exclaiming “Ooof!” partway down, putting on socks without being all Circe du Soleil about it, etc.  Also missing sleeping on my stomach and back, the side to side thing was old a while ago.

Are you nesting? I have a zillion projects to work on.  Haircuts all around!  Dental appointments!  Clean the van and install the car seat.  Turn a zillion tiny apples into applesauce.  That sort of thing.  Unfortunately our spinner in the washing machine seems to be broken and I have no place to store baby blankets and clothing (why did I not think of this sooner!!!?!) so that sort of project is on hold.  *Feels sudden urge to mop the floor and pack the hospital bag*  Also, we need to name the baby.  So much to do, so little being crossed off the list.

Milestones: Um.  None is coming to mind.  I am exactly 36 inches around for the first time this pregnancy though.

Best moment this week:  Enjoying the beautiful Summery/Autumn days that we are having.

I am stressing over:  The fact that the baby has to come out eventually.  Centimeters generally sound small until I start thinking about labor and delivery.  I am have moments of mild panic when I think too hard.

Movement:  More squirmy and bumpy these days, as space is limited.  The baby keeps me awake now if I am lying on the wrong part of my stomach.

It’s a:  Still guessing boy.  Though I talked to a mom this week whose boy had a higher heart rate than her girl, so who knows.

Exercise:  30 miles last week.  I ran 5 days (one was the 5K), did weights a few times, and some cross training.  At this point, feeling so big and round and undefined, it is just so hard to care.  Maybe if I was one of those pregnant women who did light exercise or walking a few times a week it would be easier.  I don’t know.

Diet: Please see “I don’t care” regarding exercise above and relate it to diet.  Part of it is that with my sore throat and feeling like I am getting sick makes me just want to stuff food down my throat because it makes it feel better.  Part of me thinks that I need to go super clean with eating for the last two weeks plus of pregnancy while another part thinks that, if I gain 4 pounds in the next few weeks eating bags of pumpkin flavored marshmallows, so be it.  No one will really care and it will all come off.  Eventually.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:   Hoping to get to 30 miles this week since I ditched one of my running days due to horrible sleep.  I had illusions (delusions?) of getting in more miles this week, especially with the half on Sunday, but oh well.  Cross train a few times and maybe weights.  The big goal is to get through Sunday’s half marathon and then I get a break, right?  RIGHT???  (But then, shouldn’t I try to run 40 miles for 40 weeks pregnant?)  Please tell me the answer is no.

Belly Shot: 




  1. Ingrid! you are amazing and you look great in your autumnal festive outfit here at 38 weeks. I will be praying for you as you-two run on Sunday… though I still think it would be wonderful if this babe came before then. Doing a 1/2 marathon at 38 weeks is either crazy or inspiring, maybe both. But I find that I have no doubt in your ability to run well and finish. Betsy

    • Thanks, Betsy! I am really excited to see my friend to the finish line. Other than that, I would be happy to have a baby in hand by tomorrow. 🙂

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