Posted by: Ingrid | October 17, 2013

Bumpdate: 39 Weeks

Due Date: October 24.   Well, the good news is that I probably won’t be pregnant in 14 days.  The bad news is that my due date is in 7.  The worse news is I am done NOW.  Yesterday, actually.

Weight Gain:  Up at 22 pounds.  You remember me, right?  The woman who gains weight running half marathons but not eating more?  I guess I am about where I was with Isaac but BLAH.  So done.

Symptoms: Tired, sometimes nauseous, prone to tears, and annoyed easily.  If everyone just left me alone for two weeks to do what I wanted and to be in my happy place, all would be well.

What’s different this time: I seriously need to get my bag packed.  I feel like this time around I have a lot more projects to get done, but I probably felt the same last time.  Maybe we will pick a name for the baby at the hospital this time.

Cravings/Aversions:  Salt and protein and… grapefruit.  Yes, both in the fruit and juice form.  The weirdest discovery in this particular craving is finding that both my children (who can be very picky) will happily eat my grapefruit without sharing.  The nerve.

Labor Signs: Baby is low and head down.  I also had 6 hours of lovely time-able contractions on Sunday that hopefully did something.

Sleep: Okay.  But our schedule has changed and now I really have to be up early and I am feeling tired all the time.  Probably because sleep is almost always interrupted by something or someone.

I am loving:  That the half marathon is done!  Feels good to have that goal met and out of the way.  Also, my dad should be showing up sometime this week and it will be nice to have an extra adult around.

I miss:  So many non-pregnant things.  Running started feeling awful yesterday (or maybe I’m still in recovery from the half marathon).  I miss feeling good on a run.  I know, even once I have the baby, that it will still take a while to feel normal.

Are you nesting? Washing machine is restored to order, I found a dresser to store baby stuff or kid clothes in, various appointments have been crossed off the list, and the fridges and freezers have been cleaned (thank you, Ginny!!!!).  I do still have 36 more things on my running to-do list, though some of those include my dad’s visit and “have baby”.

Milestones: Unless feeling absolutely done is a milestone…  Nothing else is coming to mind.

Best moment this week:  Running the half marathon on Sunday was for sure the highlight.  What a great time!

I am stressing over:  At yesterday’s appointment (38 weeks 6 days) I was measuring 34 weeks (at 37 weeks I was measuring 35), so the midwife scheduled an ultrasound that I can’t even do until I hit 40 weeks.  While this was the trend with the boys as well (and I love that at 35 weeks the ultrasound tech told me that Isaac was estimated to be over 8 pounds… 5 weeks and 5 days later my 7 pound 6 ounce baby was born) there is always worry.  What if there’s something wrong and all that.  The midwife said it’s probably due to the baby being low, but still.  Then there is the fact that as of yesterday running doesn’t feel good and my whole body feels like I’ve been rolled in lard.  And the fact that I will be pregnant forever.  And the fact that I have no goals and I miss having a race on the calendar.  And the house is a mess.  And my husband is busy.  And Isaac just started preschool and the schedule is out of whack.  And did I mention the whole “pregnant forever” bit?

Movement:  Yes.  Though the movement I prefer is out rather than around.

It’s a:  Still guessing boy.  Though the midwife yesterday said that the baby’s heart rate was in the 140’s.

Exercise:  30 miles last week with the half marathon as my long run.  Some cross training, no weights, and a day off on Saturday before the half.

Diet: My diet is bad and I don’t care.  Except then I do.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:   If I can get over 20 miles in this week, I will be happy.  I just need to do an hour of something each day and call it good, even if I am not getting the mileage I wanted.  I am definitely hitting the end of pregnancy/coming off a half marathon slump.

Belly Shot: 


Jonathan wanted in on the fun too.



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