Posted by: Ingrid | October 25, 2013

My Two Year Old


It is hard for me to believe that Jonathan is now two years old.  In some ways, he has felt “bigger” than Isaac did, even at a younger age.  I remember not feeling like Isaac was big until after Jonathan was born, but Jonathan has felt like a big boy since the beginning of summer.

But I still can’t believe that my little man is two.  He just got his first hair cut since his curls had grown out into a rather disturbing mullet that looked girly when it got wet in the tub.


Being the second child, he knows words that we never taught Isaac: sword, shield, fight, gun, pirate.  One of the perks of having a big brother, I guess.  One of the funniest things is to watch him use the lid that he calls your shield as a sword.  He walk up to a person, assumes a fighting stance, and yells: “Shield!” and then he starts jumping around and hitting the person with his shield with a very serious look on his face.

He is still a fan of fries, sweets, and carbs and are somewhat more adventurous than Isaac, particularly when eating off my plate.  Jonathan seems to have an innate knowledge that charming is the way to get people’s attention.  While Isaac will yell across the house at night when he drops something out of his bed, it is not uncommon to hear Jonathan’s singsong tones from behind the door:  Mo-o-o-o-o-mmy, Da-a-a-a-addy.  And I am so much more sympathetic to that sort of call.

One of his favorites these days is:  I do that!  Whether it’s washing hands, singing a song, or trying to help me.

Random bullets so that I will be more likely to post this before Baby Three makes his/her appearance (and before I forget!):

-I am much more likely to abbreviate Jonathan as “J” when writing and typing.  Too many letters to write out!

-You are my cuddler and it is so sweet.  You are 26 pounds of activity, but you give the greatest hugs and you are suddenly a big fan of kissing people on the lips (hopefully not all people!).  When you put your arms around me and pat me on the back I just melt.

-I am sometimes at a loss about your likes and dislikes since you live in the shadow of an intense and loud sibling.  You are definitely standing your own in terms of loud and teasing these days though.

-When we read a Bible story at night you will often find a man in the picture and yell:  Jeez!!!!  Which translates as Jesus.

-Thanks to your older brother, you will count to 12 (most of the time).  Though you did go through a phase where you would start counting with “3”, causing Isaac to yell at you in frustration: No JonaTHAN!  One, two, three!

-Also thanks to your brother and Leapfrog’s Letter Factory, you have mastered almost all the letter sounds and some of their names.

-You are my little singer.  When I say goodnight we always sing a few songs and having you join in with Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle, Twinkle is adorable.

-You already like to grab the broom and try to sweep the floor and on your birthday you insisted on handing me all the clean dishes from the dishwasher.  When we got to the silverware you insisted on narrating: “Sphoon!  Sword!  F***!”

-Which makes me think that I have never heard so many unintentional bad words come out of a child’s mouth!  Fork, duck, even Thomas (the train) comes out wrong.  I try hard not to laugh.

-You have initiated peeing in the toilet three times, even though I have not even thought about potty training.  And you actually call it a toilet and not a potty, making your Daddy happy.

-You bumped up to a toddler bed at 20 months (eons before we moved Isaac) since you were climbing out of bed.  Now you insist on falling asleep almost every night right behind your door.  Before I go to bed I have to shove you out of the way until I can squeeze between the door and your wall and transfer you to your bed.

-You are a good sleeper and don’t wake up much during the night – keep it that way!

-You are a huge fan of your brother and you actually don’t call him by name, you call him “Brubbah.”  When you wake up from your nap you will usually walk out of your room, shrug your shoulders and ask: Where’s Brubbah?  It’s very cute.

-You love dressing up and hats and would don your brother’s underwear over your pants if you could.

You are such a sweet little boy, Jonathan, and I love watching you grow and learn as you delight in the world around you.  Now please stop calling me Captain Hook!





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