Posted by: Ingrid | December 9, 2013

Three for three

I have wanted to go back and look at pictures to see who Liliana looks like, but let’s face it.  It has been six weeks of craziness.  Five people in the house, a crazy semester for Husband, and mostly only three hour stretches of sleep for me, usually only one of those a night.  Throw in daily life, a few birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, an anniversary, and the start of Advent and I begin to see why there’s the whole “family planning” bit.  As in, plan your family so that life isn’t just INSANE.  But here I am pulling up pictures.  Mostly what I hear is that Liliana looks like her brothers and her dad.  As of her last doctor’s visit, baby girl has filled out to 10 pounds 8 ounces with a (cough, cough) head in the 97% percentile.

My verdict is that I am too sleep deprived to see the subtle nuances of the intricate genetic relationship between my children (also, that sentence just contained a typo almost every word because I am so tired).  I have for sure decided that we produce children who are eating well by six weeks!  And who, overall, improve in appearance.  Fortunately.

Also, multiple baby chins and squishy baby cheeks are the best thing ever.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:



Exhibit C:





  1. she looks exactly like isaac in that second picture!

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