Posted by: Ingrid | January 1, 2014

Cheers to 2014

I spent New Year’s Eve by going to bed at 9:30 pm, how about you?  It was midnight somewhere and, until all three children understand how to either sleep in or leave me alone in the morning as they fend responsibly for themselves, that is as much “celebration” as I can take.

Husband and I were out last week and, and, in light of Christmas and Advent being such as success, I told him that my word(s) for 2014 were going to be “half rear-ending it” (in the words of our pastor in one of his sermons last month, for those who prefer a modified version of the colloquial phrase).  The problem with this, however, for any list maker, is that, if I am not aiming for greatness, the list of resolutions ends up too long.  So I am limiting myself to 14 things.  Some are one shot deals.  Others are more complex.  Either way, I love a new year and a new to do list.  Good fun.

1.  Travel someplace new.

2.  Roast my own coffee beans.

3.  Remember friends on their birthdays in advance rather than having Facebook remind me the day of.

4.  Attend a concert.

5.  Read more of the books on our shelves.

6.  Go back to buying, cooking, and eating more naturally and healthily while on a limited budget.

7.  Learn a new skill.

8.  Find ways to be happier.  (Seriously, could I be more vague?)

9.  Running and exercise (This is where my lists derail, because all these things have to fall under this heading since I am limited to an official 14 resolutions.):  Run a marathon, do a pull up, learn to climb a rope (an epic fail back in first grade when we had to try during gym), PR in one event. figure out how to run better and faster and train smarter while enjoying running more.

10.  Date my husband at least twice a month even though we have three children and he is teaching 9 classes for four colleges/universities this semester.

11.  Have more family fun (Partly this means getting out with three kids, which is hard and messy and takes for-e-ver but in part, it’s doing things all together.  We tend to divide the free time when we get it (I get a few hours in the morning Clint gets a few in the afternoon so that we can actually get stuff done, but then we don’t do things as a whole family.)

12.  Research school opportunities and options both for myself (Nursing) and for Isaac next year.  Both things feel too big to think about/plan for/pay for and so they sit on the periphery of my vision freaking me out on a low grade level.

13.  (Here comes another lumped resolution with things that don’t actually make sense together – be warned.  All fall under the broad category “Body, appearance, etc.”)  Lose the pregnancy weight, get to at least 120, be happy with that weight, learn to deal with emotions so that a crying baby doesn’t make me want to inhale a pound of fudge, and get quality clothes that look good on me and get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit.

On second thought, maybe I should just resolve to do something easy like never wear stilleto heels.  DONE!

14.  Find a level of sanity as a mother of three.  This is nebulous and will probably happen by default eventually, but it feels more pressing because of Husband’s busy semesters.  His take, after being mostly home for almost two weeks and dealing with three children alone on some mornings has been, “We have GOT to get you help.”  To which I respond with the fact that everyone else seems to deal okay with three kids.  Mostly okay, anyway.  Plus, hiring college kids to come over when you are skating close to the poverty line feels somewhat decadent.  I pay students to sit here during nap time so that I can retrieve Isaac from preschool.  It would feel right to pay someone so that I could do something like study for a test or work from home.  But when it comes to other things…?  Do I pay someone to come while I run during the day so that I can sleep longer and be better rested?  Or while I grocery shop?  Or for “sanity time” that my husband claims I need?  But then, where does it end?  Apparently this is something I need to think through.  (Dear Dad, please send the Au Pair from Thailand soon.)

Bonus Resolution: Organize pictures, update baby books, and find a baby book for Liliana.

Additional Bonus Resolution:  Don’t get pregnant.

And three songs that I’m particularly resonating with as we kick off the new year.  Gungor’s Beautiful Things, Three Days Grace’s Unbreakable Heart, and Sara Bareilles’ Brave.

Here’s to a year of fun and overly ambitious mediocrity!



  1. “Do I pay someone to come while I run during the day so that I can sleep longer and be better rested?”

    YES. Happy New Year!
    Okay, I know it is easy to write that and that finances are limited but seriously if you have any cash to spare, this should be one of your priorities. Think about doing this twice a week for just an hour and a half. Imagine the extra sleep and the quality work-out you would get. An investment. Do it!

  2. I still just love your blog. 3 kids looks as scary as I think it is – from my safe 2 toddler vantage point. I admire you and think you’re really brave doing it ( not that you had lots of choice!)
    As I finally settle back to my pre Preggo weight only a mere 19 months after the birh of my son, I salute you in your goal of this year and pray and hope all the lowly pitched dreams are realized – but far more of course.
    I don’t think it’s extreme to hire someone to help during the day – I was blessed to have a Uni ( college) student come over and be ‘mentored’ by me – we ended up just talking while we let the kids destroy the house – because the company was so nice 🙂
    I wonder if there is a lovely young lady like mine who wants to watch a busy mum go through her day and do some dishes and hang some laundry for you or play with the kids while you do it.
    My young lady is now getting married this weekend so I did not manage to scare her off.
    I pray a new one turns up for you – surely God has another one around 🙂
    You’re doing great and working so hRd. God bless you.

    • Great idea and how wonderful that you have kept in touch! There are some great college girls nearby but we do pay them. I am sure that three kids will get a little more manageable (maybe) at the point they are slightly older and more self sufficient. Our oldest is definitely headed that way and sometimes only having to buckle two into car seats rather than three feels like it makes a huge difference!

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