Posted by: Ingrid | January 17, 2014

2013: Running Review

Well, suffice it to say that 2013’s running was not at ALL what I had planned.  Though I believe my goal at the end of 2012 was injury and pain free running.  I am injury free, so that’s good.  2012 gave me a PB in three distances.  2013 gave me no PB in anything except the number of children I am in charge of.  I am hoping that 2014 will be an “on” year.

Total mileage for 2013: 1,628 miles

Highest month: January (150 miles – the month I started marathon training before finding out I was pregnant).  Oddly enough, the second highest month (140 miles) was December right after having baby #3.

Lowest month: October (109 miles), the month I was hugely pregnant and, oh yeah, had a baby.  Minor details.

Longest run: 18 miles on February 9.  By the following weekend, when I was supposed to hit my first 20 miler, I was taking a pregnancy test and sobbing.  And dropping the 20 miler.

Races:  Despite being pregnant I managed to get in more races than I ran the year before!

Free2Run 5K (15 weeks) – May: 22:47


Hanover Firecracker 5 miler (24 weeks) – July: 38:24


Somerset Stampede Half Marathon (30.5 weeks) – August: 2:01.33

Somerset Stampede

Allegiance Race to Health 5 miler and 5K back to back (33.5 weeks) – September: 40:53 and 25:23


SAU Alumni 5K (37.5 weeks) – October: 24:04


Falling Waters Half Marathon (38.5 weeks) – October: 2:01.10


Goals for 2013:  

PB in one event.

Recapture my motivation and my love for running.  In my defense, this has been the worst winter since we moved to Michigan.  I have this from good sources and no, I am not just being a wimp.  But constant cold, wind chill near or below zero, and combinations of wind/slushy snow/new snow/black ice/ or iced over snow are just not conducive to fast running.  Plus the bit where at almost three months out I’d planned on being faster/thinner/less stressed/better rested, etc., is just not going according to plan.  Strange, I know.

Run a marathon.  Since the only marathon I ran was now 8 years ago (and goodness, nursing prereqs expire in less time!), I feel like that doesn’t even count any more.  So I really need to just run a marathon and get it over with because not doing it is starting to drive me nuts.

Find more effect birth control as marathon training does not seem to be a good method of preventing pregnancy. 🙂


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