Posted by: Ingrid | April 30, 2014

Do you know where your resolutions are?

Here’s my thought on New Year’s resolutions; I really think it’s fun to make them and then see where things land in a few months.  Without keeping the list in front of me, have I done any of them?  Do they still sound interesting or necessary?  What is left standing after the month of January is over?

So here we are at the end of April and I figured it was time to head back and review my goals for the year.  And frankly, I think I’m doing pretty well for not having them up and posted and on my mind every day!

1.  Travel someplace new.  We are headed to someplace in Tennessee in May for a few days.  (Car trip with children = zero fun in my opinion.)  Also, just registered for a 5K in a few weeks that is in a town in Michigan I’ve never been to.  In my mind, maybe this meant travel to some amazing villa in Italy where I could gaze at the clear waters of the Mediterranean.  Baby steps to the elevator, I guess.

2.  Roast my own coffee beans.  I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee… does that count?

3.  Remember friends on their birthdays in advance rather than having Facebook remind me the day of.  This has been really fun!  I am a lover of cards and letters (though not the price of stamps) and I have enjoyed sending out snail mail.

4.  Attend a concert.  We saw Beauty and the Beast (concert-ish?) and we are going to hear the local symphony this weekend.  Yay, culture!

5.  Read more of the books on our shelves.  I was really into this January and February but have somehow lost sight of all the books left unread.  Time to get back to it and stop slacking by checking books out of the library.

6.  Go back to buying, cooking, and eating more naturally and healthily while on a limited budget.  This is a whole other blog post, but yes.

7.  Learn a new skill.  I went to a few kettlebell classes in January, which was a new thing.  I also want to take basic cake decorating.  Maybe this summer?

8.  Find ways to be happier.  I want to say that I have… I have tried to be more intentional about doing things I love and care about.  I would say that I’m happier now than I was in January.  There is also less snow, though, which may factor into the equation.

9.  Run a marathon, do a pull up, learn to climb a rope, PR in one event. figure out how to run better and faster and train smarter while enjoying running more.  Working on the PR, training, and enjoying running.

10.  Date my husband at least twice a month even though we have three children and he is teaching 9 classes for four colleges/universities this semester.  It is almost May and our last date was February 25.  Epic fail there! 😦  Hard to coordinate evenings, baby sitting, and budget.

11.  Have more family fun.  I feel like we are doing okay at this (zoo trip looming on the horizon as the zoo is finally open), though the end of the semester is hard.  In a few weeks we will be able to do more together.

12.  Research school opportunities and options both for myself (Nursing) and for Isaac next year.  I am all over this one.  I like the direction we are headed for next year (when I’m not terrified of it).

13.   Lose the pregnancy weight, get to at least 120, be happy with that weight, learn to deal with emotions so that a crying baby doesn’t make me want to inhale a pound of fudge, and get quality clothes that look good on me and get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit.  Zero progress.  Except we don’t have fudge on hand so I can’t inhale it.

14.  Find a level of sanity as a mother of three.  I think, if I have not found sanity (and I don’t think I can claim this), I have a least found a modicum of functionality.  It is something, at least.

Bonus Resolution: Organize pictures, update baby books, and find a baby book for Liliana.  I have a baby book now.  That’s one third of that resolution, right?

Additional Bonus Resolution:  Don’t get pregnant.  Still good on this one.

Am I crazy or do other people find this sort of thing fun as well?  🙂




  1. if you take a cake decorating class, I’d totally do it with you!!

    • I love it! We should make this happen. And maybe our “bosses” will pay for it, since one of our roles is child party planner and cake decorator. 😉

  2. You should try dating at home. We never could afford babysitters in grad school, but set aside a night every week where we’d have a late date at home. After the kids went to bed, I’d cook a special dinner for just us or we’d indulge in fancy cheese and wine, chat and watch a movie or play a game together. It was fun! And cheap! (:

    • We usually try to do something like this in the evening (love the fancy dessert and cheese and wine idea since no way am I waiting until 7:30 to eat my dinner!). It just feels harder to concentrate… laundry on the floor, one more thing to pick up, etc. But better than never having normal uninterrupted conversations!

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