Posted by: Ingrid | May 28, 2014

7 Months: Daddy Wins

Dear Liliana,


This month we went on our longest ever road trip as a family of five, we went to the Memorial Day parade, and you learned to wave.  The latter is by far the most important happening.  I’d forgotten how babies begin by waving at themselves.  So precious.  So adorable.  You will admire your fingers and then slowly begin to wave your hand, watching delightedly.  Sometimes you slip up and accidentally wave to an actual person and then they get distracted because you are just. so. cute.  Don’t even get me started on the delightfulness of watching you find and chew on your toes!


You recently began making soft da-da-da noises, so I guess your daddy wins.  Not a single m sound to be had from you.  The sounds that you make are incredibly precious though.  It is unbelievable knowing that in a year you will be talking a little.  Here you are, at the beginning of your verbal journey discovering how to make sounds.  So crazy and so sweet.  I love walking in on you when you have woken up and are lying in our room, waving to yourself and chatting.  Sometimes I just watch because it’s fun to see what you do on your own.  Though your wiggling and smiles when you do see me are pretty sweet as well.  One of the most amusing noises you make is your growl.  It’s a happy noise, but you absolutely sound like you are growling at us.


You continue to eat like a champ.  Since the boys never were into solids at 6 months I am assuming that you will not be either.  Why mess with a good thing?  We will start you on real food when you are old enough to work the stove and cook.  Too much work trying to shovel baby food goop into an infant’s mouth.  So you are still happily nursing as long as I don’t try to cover you up with a blanket.  While on vacation I had to nurse you in the corner of Wendy’s completely covered by a swaddling blanket and boy was that special.  Your arm/leg/chin rolls all testify to the fact that you can eat.  Although I think you may need a book: Mommys are not for Biting.  Or gumming.  Whatever you call it when the baby has no teeth.  How do you have no teeth at 7 months?!?  I swear you have been teething half your life to no avail.


I am not one to complain about toothless babies, except that you seem to be finding more and more expensive things to use as teething toys.  Case in point.


Sleep has been great, except on vacation.  Suffice it to say that I thought you would sleep and nap like normal in abnormal conditions (noisy, bright, loud van).  There was much screaming and not much sleeping.  Somewhere early in the month you started going to bed at 7:00, dream feeding at my bed time and then waking to eat again between 5:30 and 6:00.  So beautiful.  Ever since the horrible sleep meltdown at four months, when we whipped you into good sleep shape, you have been doing quite well.  I am so thankful.

You have reached the point of critical mass, where I no longer carry you in your car seat.  Too heavy.  Even in the Baby Bjorn you are heavy.


At 18 pounds 10 ounces, that’s a lot of non-mobile infant to lug around!  And I am solely responsible for your baby chub.  Fat babies are the best thing ever.  Squishy, chubby babies.

You are not showing any particular desire to move on your own.  Lap infant forever! seems to be your motto.  There is an awful lot of crying that occurs whenever you are set down.  You can roll front to back and back to front but don’t like to do it.  You don’t pull yourself up.  You don’t sit by yourself.  You don’t strike me as very ambitious.  Maybe you will just get your brothers to fetch everything you need.  There’s a reason I call you Princess.


But you are so so SO cute.  And you know it.  You flash your toothless smile and giggle and flirt with us and you just know that we think you’re adorable.  You are so pudgy and cute and toothless and relentless in your adorable baby-ness that we look at you and fall in love all over again.


We’re totally onto your scheme to rule the family and so far we are helpless in the onslaught of all your cuteness.






  1. what a sweetie she is! and when you are holding her, she looks like her daddy, and when he is holding her – she looks like You! How cool is that!?

    • I hadn’t noticed that! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

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