Posted by: Ingrid | June 3, 2014

Summer plans gone awry

With summer looming, I was excited to sit down and list out lots of fun ideas to do with the kids.  I thought we could color code them (blue paper means things we can do indoors, red means we will be driving somewhere, etc.)  With five years in Michigan I feel like I finally know the area decently.  I know where there are lakes and pools and farms and playgrounds, when various berry picking seasons are, where the local zoos are located, and where to get fantastic ice cream.  Throw the kids in the minivan and we are off!

My partial excitement to celebrate summer came from the fact that finally, finally, after 5 years of having babies and doing pre-nursing classes while sick and exhausted (FIVE YEARS, people!!!) I was finally in a place where I could apply for the nursing program in the fall.  The school around the corner has a wonderful Young Five’s Program for Isaac, the younger two would be in day care on campus for part of the week and with “Mr. Mom” when he wasn’t teaching.  The past few months much of my spare time has gone into studying for the nursing entrance exam, applying for a substantial scholarship, looking into daycare, and applying for childcare assistance.  Once I started thinking of the nursing program as an option for the next year I realized just how excited and beyond thrilled I was to be going back to school.  Summer seemed the appropriate time to have fun with the kids, play outside, and visit the Zoo.

And then my husband landed a full time job in Colorado.  Which given the job market and many other things, is quite remarkable.  I am extremely proud of him!

So now instead of planning fun things I am trying to sell our furniture and fit our lives into a small moving truck.

Moral of the story: Never plan anything ever again.

Secondary moral: Don’t be a pack rat unless you want to spend a zillion dollars moving your stuff across the country.

Tertiary moral: Don’t announce that you will never again travel out of state with your children in the minivan because then you will suddenly be confronted with a three day road trip with said children.

Back to googling moving companies. :-p


  1. welcome welcome welcome to CO! you will LOVE it! I don’t know you, but who doesn’t love CO if you’re a runner and mom and want to spend lots of time outside, etc… we’re in SW metro area of Denver and it’s fabulous. let me know if you need any “insider info.” 🙂 truly… one of the best places ever!

  2. WOW!!!! Congrats to your husband on the job! And GOOD LUCK to you with packing and moving. Look forward to hearing all about it 🙂

  3. Yay! CO seems like such a great place to live. Still has winter but a different style than brutal midwest ones 🙂 Good luck with the move!

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