Posted by: Ingrid | June 23, 2014

Our Life in Boxes


I have concluded that packing with small children anywhere in the vicinity is as close to a sisyphean task as you can get.  What mars the austerity of packed and taped boxes more than a kaleidoscope of 10,000 legos and small cars strewn around the room?  Also, my children are excellent unpackers of whatever I want packed AND are pack rats to boot (as is my husband).  I am less a pack rat now than when I was younger; somebody has to be willing to throw things away!

In the midst of all of the packing I keep blogging in my head (because nothing says no blogging like moving and three kids, let me tell you).  There is something about having to get words down where someone, even one person, may see them, that helps me process better and capture more.  Yes, I do still keep a journal, but those entries read something like:

Gah!  So many boxes! How do we have this much stuff?  Cannot take more packing.  Have people died from moving stress?  I think they have. So stressed.  No house.  How can there be nothing to rent?  I will die if we have to live in a two bedroom house for a year.  So stressed!  Toys everywhere.  Boys are bouncing off walls.  We are sucky parents.  I am tired and stressed.  Still no house but we are moving in less than 3 weeks.  HOW DO WE HAVE THIS MUCH STUFF???

I am nothing if not inspiring in my journal these days.  As an aside, I found my first journal entry from when I was eight years old and we had just moved from South Dakota to California.  I kid you not, I open with: I keep thinking about the good old days and all of my friends in Watertown…  The what?!?  Hello, eight year old going on eighty.

So it is crazy-ville here.  And added to the crazy are all the goodbyes on so many different levels mixed in with the fact that this is the month of June which is already tinged with sadness because it will always be the month of my mom’s birthday and the anniversary of her death.  I am trying to decide which scenario is harder:

-Moving across country two weeks after having your first baby

-Moving while pregnant with two children when your husband is teaching and you have to pack everything up

-Moving with three children back across the country

But why choose when you could do them all in five years?  And again with the “how do we have this much stuff?”

The facts: We are moving in less than three weeks.  The house is chaotic.  We have two freezers full of food.  I have to make a dragon cake in 6 days for my almost five year old who is celebrating his birthday early while we still have friends around.  I am so sad to leave.  We (I think) have a house to rent as of about 30 minutes ago.  I am ridiculously stressed but need to process in a more coherent way than I am able to do in my journal.

So maybe I will be blogging more.  Or going insane.


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