Posted by: Ingrid | July 3, 2014

8 Months: I got me some baby legs


Dear Liliana,

This is a little late, but it has been crazy, truly crazy, this past month.  So here we are, fashionably late.  And yes, I am a little embarrassed by the title of this post, taken from a Soulja Boy song that your Aunt Sarah burned on a cd years ago.  I don’t even like the song as running music, but when I see your big, adorable, squishy thighs that’s all I can think of.


And you belly laugh when I squeeze your legs, which makes it even better.  So I walk around with a cackling baby chanting: I got me some baby leg! with an entirely different meaning than was originally meant.  Sorry, SB.

This month you are half Liliana and half Lily, depending on the mood and depending on who is talking to you.  Your brothers, for good or ill, are taking much more of an interest in you.


This means they want to hold you more, roll you around, and, in Isaac’s case, tease you without mercy.  I will admit, you are so funny and vocal when you get mad, I can see why he finds it such a delight.  You’re like a big light up toy that shrieks and gets mad.  Unfortunately, this means more monitoring for mom and dad, since big brother seems to want to push the limits.  Awesome for us.


You are big.  Still exclusively breastfed those rolls and that baby chub is all from mom.  You seriously have bicep rolls to go with the baby thighs.  I love chunky babies!  Love them!  It never ceases to amaze me how chubby babies get drinking only milk.  You like watching the rest of us eat but really don’t want anything to do with us putting things (spoons, baby Tylenol) in your mouth.  The worst part of vaccinations has been getting you to drink whatever grape or cherry flavored medicine they give you.  Far worse than shots!  I feel like I should be using you as a kettlebell, swinging you up and down, but the thought makes me tired.


On June 16th, after teething for approximately 5 months, your first tooth (right, bottom, front) cut through.  Finally.  You keep making odd faces as if to say: Hey!  There’s something sharp stuck in my otherwise soft gums!  Even more fun is trying to teaching you not to bite me when you are nursing and ready to switch sides.  You nip me and grin.  Holy OW.


No crawling, still no interest in rolling, but you sit up like a pro.  You sit up so well, in fact, that when I was trying to get a group photo I sat you on the couch forgetting that you aren’t as stable as you seem (you can see where this is going) and was fortunately close enough to catch you as you catapulted head over heels off the couch.  Mommy safety fail there.  Perhaps, with all of the packing and moving prep it is a blessing that you aren’t mobile yet.  Besides, why move when your brother will bring you whatever you need?  You do enjoying throwing your weight around in the bouncer, however, which has been funny to watch.


You are grabbing everything.  Faces, necklines, whatever comes near your clutching little fists.  You grab your feet, you grab you clothes, you just want your hands on EVERYTHING.  You are waving, sometimes.  At people but also when you get excited.  Then you kick both legs and wave both hands and it’s a baby party.  You love sticking out your tongue and your recent favorite is bumping the back of your hand against your mouth while making funny sounds and waving.  So funny!  So cute!  And we all make ourselves look ridiculous trying to get you to do it.

You like to talk and babble, sometimes very loudly and sometimes at 4:00 am.  You tend to talk and up the volume, crying only when it’s been too long without a response.


Sometimes you squeal and sometimes it sounds like you’re singing, you really enjoying using your voice and making sounds, a mix of da, ma, fa, ba,and a few other combos.  I did have a scare when I was decorating your brother’s cake a few days ago (the boys were gone because you never know what kind of language I may use when trying to apply icing to cake) and I said, loudly, a phrase that began with d.  Momentary pause and then, from the living room, you said: DAH!  No more cake decorating for me.


You love people.  When you are fussy, even if you are hungry, we can stave you off as long as we hold and interact with you.  This is actually what you would prefer all the time and forever.  Your Dad mentioned the other day:  Do you think maybe she’s an introvert?  Then there you were, holding court and babbling away at your brothers and I and crying when any of us moved more than 24 inches away or took our eyes off of you.  You are very much a people person right now and I don’t plan on letting your Daddy live that one down any time soon.  Introvert, indeed!






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