Posted by: Ingrid | July 9, 2014

Love the Ones You’re With

When we moved to Michigan, almost five years ago, we moved to a state without family.  Particularly with a 15 day old baby, the lack of family, or anyone familiar, was daunting to say the least.


How thankful we were, to soon have two women offer not only their friendship and support, but their desire to be adopted grandmas to our two week old son. (Had they know we were going to produce three adorable children in less than five years they may have thought through their offer a bit more!)


Growing up, I learned to believe that the people who were always going to be there for you were your family members.  Everyone else would let you down but family, family would be there.  Of course, that begs the question; what happens when family dies?  Or isn’t close by?  Or (gasp!) let’s you down?  And in our case there was no family to be had.  But there were women who were willing to look outside their own families and to love us.


Now, I will be the first to admit that it is delightful knowing that people love me.  But as a mom, I am beyond grateful to have had loving people step in to be there not just for me but for my kids as well.  I would like to think that I am fairly loveable.  At the very least I can take care of all toileting and dressing needs, stay up past 7 pm, and am capable of occasional witty repartee.


But to have had people come alongside my (always) loud and (often) messy children, who have allowed us to get away, who have given us date nights and parenting advice, lunch breaks when I could go run, coffee breaks and adult conversation, and who are people we could trust our children with has been an enormous blessing.  Especially from both our adopted Grandmas, I have been the recipient of them living out the philosophy that you should love the people you’re with, even if they aren’t tied to you by blood.


Our “family” in Michigan will be missed tremendously.  They have been with us on our first five years of parenting; through both good and bad times.  Aside from all of the happy and grateful memories I have, I hope with all my heart that I can become someone who sees the people around me and loves them as well as I and my family have been loved.


Thank you Granny G and Grandma J.  For everything.



  1. Beautiful people.

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