Posted by: Ingrid | July 28, 2014

9 Months: Yoga Baby

Dear Liliana,


Or should I call you Lily? You have suddenly become half and half, even from me who wanted the longer name. It is still so cute when Jonathan calls you “Lee-nana”.


This is just a bizarre month. When you hit 8 months we were about to celebrate Isaac’s birthday early, with friends, in Michigan. Now you are 9 months and we have lived in Colorado two weeks. So basically this month of your life has consisted of frantic packing and moving and then frantic unpacking and adjusting.

You said goodbye to two adopted Grandmas, which was hard.


You thouroughly enjoyed having your Grandpa around for two weeks though! Imagine my surprise when, on his first night with us, I stumbled out to feed you at 3:00 am and found him holding you! Oh yes, you liked Grandpa very very much.


Your first two nights in Colorado I thought, truly, that you were going to kill me with lack of sleep. After two days of heavy moving bled into two 4:00 am wake ups you chose the next two nights, ALL NIGHT to either fuss and cry or demand to sleep only when face down on my chest as I lay at an angle not designed for sleeping. It was terrible.

And then you cut your second tooth.


You are by far our worst teether and sleeper so far. Though you did give me one solid 8.5 hour stretch this month which is definitely the anomaly. Now that we have you squared away in your very own room, it may be time to tackle feeding you. Not that you aren’t adorable when you try to eat my face or when you see me sit down to feed you and immediately gape your mouth open like a little fish. I am just ready for you to need me a little less often at night. Please. So, my little 20.5 pound chubster, it is time to take you off your milk-only diet and see how that goes.  Carrots were on the menu last night and you ate… maybe a 1/4 teaspoon.  You wouldn’t even let the rice cereal near your mouth this morning.


We also need to work on you sleeping without being double swaddled. You seem unable to sleep without it, but you work your way out of it during the night and then, when I am bleary-eyed with sleep you have these crazy ninja baby skills in which you keep me from re-swaddling you. No fun for me. From there we will move on to using those cloth diapers I still have not taken out.

You are still delightfully chill, particularly when you are with people or held. You love seeing yourself in the mirror and laughing with your brothers and grabbing your toes.


Your hands still fascinate you and you often look like you are trying to do the hula, only with just your arms. Even as a baby there is just something so precious and feminine about your movements and expressions. Even though you have a giant head and not very much hair.


And when you break out the high pitched: Da-da-da-DAAA you totally have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger. It is so cute. You are so cute. And I will reiterate that I LOVE having a little girl. When you see new people who talk to you, you do this coy, bury-your-face-in-mom’s-shoulder move, and then peek out and smile. It is just precious!


You are still very vocal and babble a great deal. You are still not mobile, however. You protest being dressed and undressed and laying on your stomach. Granted, we now have wood floors, which would not be my first pick for rolling on, but still.


You are NINE months old and you don’t move. It has been very handy during the move, however. I just sit you on your bottom with kitchen utensils and know that you won’t go anywhere or get into anything.


You are incredibly flexible and walk forward on your hands until your tummy is on the floor. You have crazy turn out too. In short, you have all the flexibility that your runner mom lacks. You can be yoga baby.


Maybe I can get back on track with picture tacking during month 10. In the meantime, I hear you babbling away in your room, refusing to go down easily for your afternoon nap. Time for a second try.







  1. You are an amazing mom! I love the way you love our kids. 🙂 I love you.

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