Posted by: Ingrid | August 9, 2014

4-H 5K Race of the West: When in Sterling

So even though I am not in 5K shape (the last 5K specific training, I am ashamed to admit, was almost 3 months ago), when I saw that there was a 5K offered in August I felt like I needed to sign up if for no other reason than to feel like I am making Sterling more my home and to hopefully meet more runners.

So I signed up, curious as to what I would find race morning.  The 5K was part of the fair that is held here and I guessed that there would be about 100 people.  Wrong.  Apparently 10 of us pre-registered and I would guess that there were 30-40 total.


I was up at 5:25, after 4 hours of sleep, 1 hour awake with baby-who-stopped-sleeping-as-soon-as-we-moved, and 3 more hours of sleep.  Got myself ready and emerged to a lovely morning sky.  (That is the fair grounds and not my house, in case you are confused.)


60 degrees at 6 am meant closer to 70 at the 7 am start.  It was 90 degrees here by 11 am.  Fun.

I discovered that not only were there few people running and walking but that it paid to register last minute.  On you paid the race fee plus processing fee.  Then the price was supposed to go up.  Except the guy running the race kept the price the same for the same day registrants.  I could have saved $3!  Oh well. 🙂

The race started at 7, an out and back course that was just a little shy of 3.1 (3.03 on my Garmin).  It went out of the fair grounds, past the fields, and back.  Three things I NEED to start remembering as a runner in Colorado: sun screen, a hat, and sun glasses.  It is so bright here and the sun is out almost every day.  We must be the antithesis of Seattle – our town brochure boasts 333 days of sunshine a year!

I got in a 2.5 mile warm up since I needed to make it to 10 for the day.  Off we went.  I hoped to keep it a little below a 7 minute pace, which I did.  There were 5 or 6 fast guys who took off, then there was me, and then there was the rest of the crowd, though at the start a woman who looked about my age, took off with me.  My Garmin said 4:50 as my adrenalin got the best of me.  She fell back about 1/4 mile in but I was prepared for her to pass me since I was not prepared to run even a 6:30!  My mile splits were sloppy and all over: 6:34, 6:54, 7:03.  First woman and finish time of 20:44 for a 6:50 average.  Not what I wanted for this summer but not bad considering I haven’t trained.

There were awards, I think, for the top 3 finishers, which does nothing for you if you are a woman and men show up to run.  Kind of a bummer.  Also, while I have found a handful (literally) of people to run with, I had another incident at the race today where I asked someone if she ran with people and got a VERY strong negative.  This is the second encounter I’ve had like this and it takes me by surprise.  Seriously, even if you like to run alone you don’t have to be rude about it!  And this from the person who always wanted to run alone in the past.  Oh well.

Got in my 10 mile total and got a fun green t-shirt which I wore to watch the parade.



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