Posted by: Ingrid | August 20, 2014

Five Years Old (a little late)

Dear Isaac,


You have been counting down your birthday, day by day, for at least 160 days and then suddenly you turned five.  Hard to believe that we have been parents for that many years.  Having a five year old somehow seems to up the stakes.  I remember being five.  You are watching us all the time, putting together how the world works and how to function in it.  Not that you weren’t before but it all seems so concrete now.   Your appearance five years ago completely changed our life in so many different ways!


Your excitement, creativity, and energy never cease to amaze (and exhaust) me.  Now that you are entering your sixth year:

-You love numbers and counting and can do basic addition.

-You are really into fairness and justice.  This means that you can stick up for your brother and sister (even when they don’t need it sometimes) and are also totally into telling on your brother, even if you set him up.

-You want to know everything in minutes and hours.  How many hours to California?  How many minutes to the park?  How many minutes to Michigan?

-You are a much less picky eater than you used to be.  Thank heavens.

-You can be so sweet with Jonathan and Liliana until suddenly you stop.

-You are VERY possessive of anything you are playing with or working on.  Trying to work on sharing.

-You love dressing up, which is fun. 🙂


-At the same time you don’t like: nuts, crunchy peanut butter, blueberries, rice, noodles, cheese, potatoes, most veggies, dried fruit, and many cereals.

-You are scared of Cheerios.  I’m not kidding.  It is so weird.

-You have an excellent memory, whether it is used for Bible verses or remembering that I promised you that I would do something with you.  It is especially sharp when you have been promised candy.

-You are incredibly creative with your Legos!  While you and your dad build the things on the boxes, the real fun comes when you start creating all sorts of things; planes, oceans, gardens, wagons, from your imagination.  We have all sorts of Lego things floating around the house and it’s fun to see what you think of next.


-You get excited over everything.  This can be lots of fun.  It can also be very loud.  It can also work against you when you get over excited and scare people off.

-You seem to have two levels: loud and louder.  I have realized that sometimes people can’t understand your words because you are yelling instead of talking.  And this is after years of “inside voice”.

-You like to jump, swing, and you want to climb things but are still figuring it out.  You are less impetuous than your brother when it comes to flinging yourself off of things, more calculating in where you put your body.

-You are very emotional but you also like to tease.  This translates into endless teasing of people around you with zero tolerance for being teased yourself.  It also means that EVERYTHING that goes wrong (falling down, Legos breaking, frustrations of any kind) is the end of the world.  This can be a little nerve wracking for the rest of us.

-You see the incongruities of the world and are trying to figure out what is funny and not funny.  Trial and error.

-You can be very sweet and helpful, particularly when we are one on one.  Problem being that we are usually one on three.

-We finally pulled out your bike and you learned to ride it with training wheels.  You were so proud of yourself!

-If given markers you prefer to turn them into “people” or “soldiers” and make up a story rather than use them to color or draw, though you are starting to get more into coloring.  And you can color in the lines too!

-So far your “bad word” vocabulary consists of things like calling your brother a “Jelly bean poop butt fart”.  *Cue Jonathan dissolving into tears*.  If you ever heard me decorating birthday cakes you would know that it gets way worse than that.  Sometimes you get creative and will say “stupe” instead of stupid and “shut” instead of shut up.  As if abbreviating could keep you out of trouble!

-You can tell us all about making good choices but often feel like the pleasure of the bad choice outweighs what you know

-You love being read to and love to tell stories before bed.

-You know your ABC’s and sounds but I have yet to officially launch you into literacy.

-You say most things correctly, but you still talking about The “lizard” of Oz, which I think is so funny.  You also will run around with our hangers, proclaiming they are your “bod and arrows” (bow and arrows).

-You want to commandeer my laptop to play computer games during nap time now, which I don’t love.

-You seem to gravitate towards blond girls between the ages of 7 and 18.

-You are sometimes lost in your own world and usually you provide your own sound track music.  And I wonder why it feels like I never get quiet time anymore!

-Your current bedtime prayers sound something like:  Dear God, that you for lions and tigers and bears and wolves-es and foxes and fire and steam and smoke and volcanoes.  Thank you that mom loves me and dad loves me and Liliana loves me and Jonathan loves me and I love me.  And thank you for chocolate and God and Jesus and pizza.  Amen.

Can’t wait to see what this next year brings as we settle into our new home.





  1. Wow, way to go Mama, five years filled with so much! Love the photo of you all 🙂

    • Thanks! That was one of my favorite pictures of most of us on his birthday. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years!

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