Posted by: Ingrid | August 28, 2014

Ten Months: Adventures in Solids

Dear Lily,


Or Princess, as I often call you.  Because you are.


I need to stop regurgitating the contents of my head onto random scraps of paper that I am sure I will remember later.  I am fairly certain I jotted down a whole list of things I wanted to remember about you this month.  On a grocery list, most likely.  And now I can’t find it.  But I don’t even feel like writing this letter today, which means I will feel even less like writing it tomorrow, once my “deadline” has past.  So I am sorry in advance for all the minutiae that I am not going to remember.

Grandpa and Kora came to visit for an overnight.  You liked them both.  I could stand to have them around more often as well!


In other news, we started cloth diapering about 3 weeks ago.  Not even 24 hours in and you had the worst diaper rash ever which meant we had to return to regular diapers in order to use Desitin.  If this happens again I am feeling pretty done, even with our handy dandy clothes line in the back yard.  Except now that your daddy is teaching environmental ethics I don’t think I can be done.

At your 9 month appointment (2 days shy of 10 months) you weighed 20 pounds 12 ounces and were nearly 30 inches long.  You continue to be delectably large with chunky arms and thighs and neck and cheeks.  You are a solid baby and the rare time I take you out in the Baby Bjorn my back protests loudly.


Entering this month your sleep was pathetic (and some days it still is).  Then we started solids (and I use “started” loosely) and we have finally eked out a few 7 hour stretches and a couple of 5 and 6’ers.  You were initially reluctant to allow a spoon in your mouth, but finally applesauce got your attention.  You will have nothing to do with any type of baby cereal and baby purees are hit and miss.  I am constantly giving things like mashed up mango or avocado off my plate, or a little carrot soup, or some plain yogurt.  Just trying to hit you with all sorts of flavors in hopes that you will be a better eater than your brothers.  You are adamant in your dislike of bananas but seem to tolerate sweet potatoes mixed with zucchini okay.   If you end up with a tablespoon of food inside of you throughout the entire day I think it’s been a good day.


The spoon goes in… and then the food dribbles out.  We also pulled out the cheerios a week ago and that, my dear, has been a treat.  The first time you realized that they were supposed to go in your mouth you pursed your lips and delicately plucked a piece in your pincer grip, slowly drawing the cheerio to your mouth.  Then you accidentally turned your hand so that you ended up with a mouthful of fist.  So funny!  But quickly you learned and now they hit the target with increasing success.  Also, we have cheerios all. over. the. floor.


We got another chair and you love sitting with us at the table, interacting and feeling like a part of things.  Your brothers fight over who gets to sit next to you, except for when you are eating cheerios and then Isaac keeps his distance.  One of your most epic temper tantrum moments (and yes, you have a temper and are not afraid to show it!) occurred at the table.  You squawked your baby disapproval and then tried to gnaw on the table.  I laughed so hard!

Your favorite games seem to be grabbing (things or people), emptying bins, and dropping things when seated at the table.  Sometimes I just wanted to say: It’s called gravity and yes, it works!  Stop.  Dropping.  Toys.


You are sort of wearing the same few outfits in rotation, partly because the cloth diapers rule out many options, partly because it’s been so hot, and partly because I still have 3-9 month outfits out.  I really hope that I have more clothing for you but I haven’t a clue where it might be!  No way is your cloth diapered behind fitting into 3 month jean shorts.  On Isaac’s birthday we went to the nearby pool and I let you wear a bikini you were given, just because it made me laugh.  This is pretty much the only age I will allow that!


We are still swaddling you to sleep, even though you break out of it once you wake up.  We swaddled Isaac until 18 months (helped him fall asleep) and Jonathan until about 7.  You seem to need your arms constrained and your legs covered by something in order to sleep.  I have tried to wean you off at nap times with no success (and no naps). You have so far decimated 3 of our expensive muslin swaddling cloths, ripping holes right through, prompting me to think maybe you are the last baby because you now owe us $120 and I don’t know that I want to be this tired for this much longer.  I solved part of the problem by doing your first swaddle around your legs so you couldn’t immediately rip it off.  Kind of like swaddle pants.


Then the real swaddle goes on top.  Double swaddling a fussing baby in the dark in the middle of the night should be some sort of sport, it really should.


You aren’t rolling much but you are happier on your stomach than you used to be.  You don’t crawl but you swivel, both sitting up and lying down.  You have discovered that there are things to grab.  You have also discovered that everything can go in your mouth.  You can also scoot backward, unintentionally, which is so SO funny to me because it’s always in the context of you wanting something and then you watch the object get farther and farther away.  You just look so mad that I have to laugh.  You are incredibly flexible, doing the splits and laying your stomach flat on the floor while seated and then chewing on your foot just for fun.


We do not have a bath in the house and so far we have learned that you do not like showers and you are really too big to bathe in the sink (I tried!).  So maybe you will just be kind of dirty for a while, especially these days where you lose cheerios in your neck rolls.


You slept terribly for a few days and then popped out your third tooth (top right) sometime mid-August.  Now you like to try your teeth on me and we have these conversations, like today when you leaned your face against my arm and then bit me, just for kicks.

Me:  No biting, Liliana! No!  Do not bite mommy.

Jonathan:  Lee-nana bit you?  I don’t bite you mommy.

Me:  No you don’t.  Thank you Jonathan.

Jonathan:  If I don’t bite you do I get Skittles?


Probably my favorite thing this month is how you respond to me when I walk through the door after being gone on a long run or grocery shopping.  You giggle and bounce and smile and every little thing about you tells me that you are beyond delighted to see me.  And usually, by that time, I am delighted to see you as well.






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