Posted by: Ingrid | September 24, 2014

And I’ve never been to Boston in the Fall

But I will be going this Spring because I just received this in my inbox.


I put the fate of my Spring (and my credit card number) in the hands of the good people at BAA and I am in.  I won’t lie, I was kind of hoping that I would get a nice rejection because as soon as I saw the acceptance email it opened the floodgate of questions.

How cheap can we do this trip?

How fast can I run Boston?

Do I have to buy compression socks if I run Boston, just to fit in?

How many days should we be there?

Do we take the baby?

Do I wean the baby (Liliana will be almost 18 months at the time of Boston)?

What if the winter is bad?

Where will we stay?

What plan should I follow?

What do we do with the kids when we don’t even have a babysitter who can put them to bed?

Whose great idea was this anyway?

So basically I traded the question: Will I be running the Boston Marathon in 2015? with about a zillion other questions.  And the answer is YES!





  1. I just broke down and bought compression socks. I love them.

    • Well, I think I would take them seriously on you. 🙂

  2. Wow! Congratulations – this is wonderful and I am so looking forward to your commentary of the training and running and all. (and thanks for the earworm about the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.) B.

    • Thanks! It should be an interesting Winter. Hopefully it will be mild.

  3. Congratulations, at least you aren’t a pirate who doesn’t do anything!

    • That is true! We moms never get to not do anything!

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