Posted by: Ingrid | September 28, 2014

Eleven Months: You shall be my squishy

Dear Liliana,


No offense, but I am looking forward to your monthly updates ending next month.  But that means you will be a year!  A YEAR?!?  Hardly a baby anymore which is so sad to me.  I was organizing pictures the other day and I give you exactly a year ago.  Ha!  How much do I not miss that.


For now though, you are still very much my squishy baby.  So squishy!  You just have the best thighs.  I sort of use them as dual stress balls when I hold you and it works out well.


This past month held three road trips: Parker, Estes Park, and Fort Collins.


You are okay in the car for two hour stretches, which is nice.  You also sleep better at higher altitude (that or your schedule is so disrupted by the weekend trips that you are zonked by the end of the days we are on the road).  I think this means that we need to move to any of those three locations.  For the sleep, you know.


Other than that, you are still a pretty poor sleeper.  I need to enforce no nursing in the middle of the night and no swaddling and I keep meaning to when I get caught up on sleep but that just doesn’t seem to be happening.

You popped out a forth tooth right before my marathon, which was good timing.


Your latest tooth related exploits involve learning to grind your four teeth so loudly that I want to drop you.  Ugh!  Such a horrible sound and one that you take such delight in.  You like to cuddle against my shoulder and then sink your teeth in.  The more I tell you “NO!”  the funnier you think it is and the more you lean in for another bite.


You are making other noises now, little singing noises when you are tired, and I could almost swear you have tried to say “hi” and some form of “Daddy”.  You sometimes wave to yourself but rarely to other people.  You have also developed the worst case of stranger anxiety that any of my children have had.  So frustrating since you are perfectly willing to flirt with everyone, provided I hold you.


You are still chunky, weighing in at roughly 21 pounds.  I still wear you on occasion, in the Baby Bjorn, and your favorite activity in that position is doing baby jumping jacks.  Talk about throwing me off balance!  We were at Fort Fun a few days ago and you got to go down the giant slide in the Bjorn as well.  Me, you, Jonathan, and my purse.  Good thing Isaac was willing to go alone!


I stopped squishing you into 3-9 month clothes, combed through the garage, and finally found some 12 month girl clothing conveniently located in a box marked “History Books and Misc.”  I am so done living out of boxes.  I guess technically baby clothes fall under the “Misc” category though there were no history books to be found.  At least now you have some fall and winter clothes out!


You are branching out a little with food but it’s hard with barely four teeth.  You mostly get cheerios in your mouth, are willing to try most purees, and will gum some crackers on occasion.  Other than that, it’s all me.  When I give you something you aren’t interested in you promptly drop it off your tray.  I now have to sweep the floor nightly because you are so messy.  Maybe I should stop doing that since, you are willing to put anything found on the floor, food or not, into your mouth.  You also really like trying to feed me now – I am just not a fan of soggy already-been-gummed crackers and bread!


You have started moving.  Not crawling and not army crawling, please note.  You still hate to be on your stomach and you are even more helpless on your back – like a flipped turtle.  Your method of movement is more creative.  Half of it involves corkscrew locomotion; the idea that if you spin in circles enough times you will eventually move across the floor.  This works but is highly inefficient.  Your other method involves spreading your legs out into the splits and then pulling yourself forward or sideways using your arms.


It is the most bizarre and unconventional transportation method I’ve every seen, and, as someone who can barely touch my toes, it looks painful!  You are now at the point where you will scoot to me while laughing and it is so precious to see your joy as you get closer and closer to your goal.  You also like to do the splits when we swaddle you because you know that makes it harder to capture your legs in the blanket.


You are so cute and adorable and squishy, Liliana, with your long lashes and hair that is growing a bit more and a gap between your front teeth.  You are SUCH a cute baby.  I can’t believe that we will celebrate your one year birthday in a month and that I can make a pink cake if I want!  I asked your brothers what kind of cake I should make and they told me a lion, a monster, a dragon, and an alligator.  Pinterest tells me that I should do something like this:

Cake At Party

Also, I think you need a doll.  We were at a friend’s house and you were fussy and then you got your hands on a doll and you started babbling and touching the nose and eyes.  It was so sweet!  And we haven’t a doll in the house, so maybe that’s what you need for your first birthday.  That, or a sibling, and goodness knows, I don’t need one of those!






  1. Beautiful, Ingrid. I wish I did not have to miss hers or Jonathan’s birthdays.

    • I wish we could fly you out! Permanently!

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