Posted by: Ingrid | October 14, 2014

I miss Autumn

The good news is that it is cooling off here on the Northeastern plains.  The bad news is that, while Colorado has lots of sky, the tree situation is lacking somewhat.  I remember stepping off the plane in Denver back in July and wondering where they put all the trees.  But that wasn’t really a concern until we hit Autumn: my most favorite season ever.  Now that we are in mid October I can just picture what the Michigan trees are doing and I miss it so much!

IMG_9063    IMG_2714  IMG_3935



Hopefully once Winter hits I will be able to remind myself that at least it isn’t April with the same snow from December still on the ground.  Because I don’t miss that at all!





  1. I think you picked the wrong place to live in Colorado 🙂 Come visit me! There are lots of beautiful trees!!

    • I would love to! To be fair, we were in Parker a week ago and it was gorgeous!

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