Posted by: Ingrid | October 24, 2014

Three Years of Charming

Dear Jonathan,  IMG_1117

You would never guess that you started out as the most unlikely looking tomato-ish baby.  And now you are such a ridiculous charmer.  You flash smiles at the camera that make it look like you’re trying to model cologne or underwear or something that calls for a certain “look”.  Helps, I am sure, that you got the eyelashes I always dreamed of.  Paired with your hair (that needs a cut), your blue eyes, your grin, and your skin that is still so soft that I can believe you were once a baby… heaven help us all!


You are sensitive and funny and so very much the middle child.  I was in Walmart a few weeks ago wandering the aisles and trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday.  It made me sad to not actually know what you like because you are the middle child on the heals of an intense and loud older brother.  I stood there, wanting to cry because you completely bypassed the Thomas the Train stage because Isaac had grown out of it.  You want to do what you brother does because he’s bigger but then you don’t because you aren’t interested.  It is safe to say that you like costumes, however.  And dogs.  Whenever we see dogs in the park I am pretty sure they think you are a long lost sibling!


You are also our clutz.  Maybe because you are still growing into your body or maybe because you run around while looking over your shoulder and run into walls.  Or refrigerators.  Or dishwashers.  You are the family clutz and daredevil all in one and I thankful we have not ended up at the ER for injuries yet.

You seem old for three.  Last year when Liliana was born you were still such a baby yourself; eating in a high chair, still in diapers.  And now you talk so much  and you potty trained almost on your own and you know so much that it seems like you should be older than you are.  With Isaac, I don’t think I knew what I could expect from a three year old.  You are showing me that I could have raised the bar substantially!  You have known your ABC’s and their sounds since you turned two and you can count to somewhere past 30.  Colors and shapes?  Check and check.


Maybe because you seem older, I was not prepared for you to be the most oral and hands on of our kids.  You are the only one to date who has smeared poop on walls.  You have flushed floss, a toothbrush, and a pair of underwear down the toilet.  I am not even going to speculate as to what you have ingested from the toilet.  It is enough to know that you like to eat your own boogers.


Right now you are really into things being “cozy” (your word, not mine).  We happened upon the perfect gift for you at Costco, a giant fluffy dog/giant pillow.  The only problem with this dog-sometimes-known-as-Clark is that you keep stripping off every stitch of clothing at night so that you can feel “So cozy, Mommy!”.  As a PSA, everyone else should refrain from getting cozy with Clark for obvious reasons.


You are a picky little eater.  You won’t eat any veggies, most fruits, cheese, noodles, rice, most cereals, or any type of meat except lunch meat and chicken nuggets.  Consequently you go hungry sometimes because, unlike with Isaac, I am not afraid you will starve.


You are my little cuddle bug.  You like hugs.  You like cuddling when you wake up in the morning.  And you are enormously ticklish.


You love the CD “Blue Moo” and you especially enjoy the “What Does the Fox Say” music video.  Sometimes you go around singing the bits you can remember except you still don’t say “fox” correctly.  I try to discourage singing it in public.


You have the cutest little raspy voice right now and such a great laugh.  I love when you ask for “neg nog” (egg nog) and when I ask you a question and you start with, “Hmmmm… actually Mommy…”


Despite the charm you can throw your share of tantrums and be quite disobedient when you want.  But you seem to know what people will find funny so you are the one army crawling out of the bedroom under a blanket when you have been asked to stay put, grinning impishly when caught.  You also, when asked to do something you don’t want to do, will answer; “No thanks!” Polite disobedience at it’s best.  Jonathan, go to your room.  “No fanks (thanks), Mommy!”  It is ridiculously hard to keep a straight face at times.  When you are upset or feel unheard your lip quivers and you look stricken.  Cuddling often remedies this.  Sometimes you will sob: “Mommy, you broke my heart!” because we all need a little manipulation once in a while.  When you’re really angry you glower and feed me the line: “You’re NOT the best mom.”

You are very big on your identity and will make it clear that you are JONATHAN.  Especially if you are feeling sensitive then you are NOT “honey” or “sweetie” or anything else.


Whenever anyone you love leaves (even if I am just going out for a run) you yell: “I need a hug and a kiss and a tickle!” And I always come back to give you one.

I can’t believe all the changes since your last birthday!  You acquired a little sister, moved to a new state, share a room with your brother, and have grown so much.

IMG_4066 IMG_1241




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